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Art history123412


Who was Saul Bass? Created a single strong motif and had title sequence match the poster design.
What was special about Univers font and the way that it was marketed? It showed the different variations of the font and their relationship to each other.
Who is Josef Muller Brockman? The designer of Helvetica.
What is so important about Helvetica? Symbolized bland flavor, legibility, and more regular structure.
Who is Paul Rand? Originator of Swiss Style of graphic design. He designed many posters and corporate identities. (IBM & ABC)
Who is Tom Geismar? Was enlisted to help create a national system of standardized transportation symbols.
Who is Jan Tschichold? Created The New Typography which gives guidelines to modern design/typography. Created idea of a layout.
When did Dada start? In Europe during WWI due to frustration with society and the war.
Who were key artists during Dada? Jean Arp, Marcel Duchamp, Richard Huelsenbeck, Hugo Ball.
What did Dada influence? Surrealism and Pop Art.
What are characteristics for Dada? Social critique, anti-art, shock value, and irrationalism.
What were the 4 shows at the MOMA? International Style, Machine Art, Cubism/Abstract Art, and The Bauhaus Exhibition.
Why did people go to the exhibits? To understand modern art and what goes on in the world.
Margaret Bourke-White took interesting pictures from different perspectives
Mohomed Agna Introduced feel bleed photograph
Cipe pineles Seventeen, Vogue, Vanity Fair - first to hire fine artists,
Alexi Bronibeach use full bleed across gutter
What did Art Nouveau start? Design oriented art to overcome urban industrial mayhem and ugliness.
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