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Introduction to Programming 02

Which type of error produces incorrect results but does not prevent the program from running? Logic
The program development cycle is made up of ______ steps that are repeated until no errors can be found in the program. Five
A set of well-defined logical steps that must be taken to perform a task. Algorithm
The informal language that programmers use to create models of programs that have no syntax rules and are not meant to be compiled or executed. Pseudocode
A diagram that graphically depicts the steps that take place in a program. Flowchart
What is used to represent an assignment statement in a flowchart? Processing symbol
This structure is a set of statements that execute in the order they appear Sequence
A storage location in memory that is represented by a name. Variable
This is used to denote a terminal point in a flowchart. Oval
Which of the following is not a valid variable name in most computer languages: Number1, 2Numbers, No1Number, AbC123? 2Numbers
This is used to denote a process in a flowchart. Rectangle
Which mathematical operator is used to raise five to the second power? ^
This is used to denote a input and output in a flowchart. Parallelogram
The value of the expression 12 – 4 * 3 / 2 + 9 is 15
Which of the following is not a variable data type: Number, Integer, Real, String? Number
A value that cannot be changed during the program’s execution. Named Constant
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