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test for monday term

25 Vocab terms for the reading of the Odyssey

Plunder to rob especially openly and by force
Squall Brief violent storm
Dispatch to send away promptly or rapidly to a particular place of for a particular propose
Mammoth Of very great size
Convey to carry from one place to another
Destiny a predetermined course of events often held to an irresistible power or agency
Realm Kingdom/Domain
Assuage to lessen the intensity of
Ignoble Dishonorable
Implacable relentless, unstoppable
Rancor Deep spite, malice
Bereft left in a sad lonely state
Furl roll or fold up and secure neatly
Massive large and heavy or solid
Tumult a loud and confused noise
Blanched make white or pale by extracting colour; bleach
Dire extremely urgent or serious
Shroud covers, protects, or screens
Appease pacify
Solitude being alone
Insidious characterized by treachery
Tranquil calm, restful
Restitution making good for loss and damage
Cease stop
Contentious causing or likely to cause an argument
Created by: Wickedness2669