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Copyright Definition

Definitions of terms used in Canadian Copyright laws

Access Copyright Officially called Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency which collects revenues from liscenced organizations for copying copyrighted works and distributes revenues to the appropriate copyright holders
Copyright The ownership of intellectual property. Right of owner / creator to decide how their intellectual property may or may not be used
Intellectual Property Original work whose rights belong to an individual or organization. E.g. Artistic creations like photographs or music, or inventions
Royalty Amount of money that creator of a product gets based on percentage of sales from a second party that constructs and / or distributes the product or service.
Trade-Marks To separate goods or services of a person or company from others (keep out of competitors reach). E.g. slogans, logos
Public Domain Works that are now available for the general public to use as they please, happens when intellectual property rights have expired, been renounced , or are irrelevant.
Moral Rights As a creator of content moral right is to protect work from being stolen, modified, or otherwise changed without consent. As a consumer moral right is to be able to use products / services at a reasonable price
Performing Rights Owners of copyrighted musical works have the exclusive right to perform, permit performances by others, or broadcast their works to public via radio or tv
Plagiarism Using, copying, or claiming someone else’s copyrighted work or ideas as your own, with out giving actual owner/creator acknowledgment
Fair Dealing Copyright Act allows exception to copyright laws for certain purposes like education, parody, news reporting, or critique
Patent A right that protects an invention, so that others are excluded from making, using, or selling invention
Blanket License A license is granted which allows many people (like radio, djs,) to play a song / other works multiple times without needing to get a new license every time. The scope of blanket license can be negotiated. E.g. radio or tv stations
Created by: Katy Davidson