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Lecture 10 wrld dnsr

Origin of Dinosaurs

No holes in skull: turtles, amphibians, and fish Anapsid
Only lower opening in skull: mammals and their relatives Synapsid
Two holes in skull: most reptiles, dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and birds diapsids
When period did insects appear? Triassic
A synonym for a four-legged creature tetrapod
What living forms evolved by the end of the Triassic? Frogs, salamanders, turtles, lizards, snakes, crocodiles, mammals, and DINOSAURS
With all of these evolutions, what was the Triassic witnessing? "Dawn of Modern Ecosystems"
Important group of large herbivores during the Triassic period. They were slow-moving, bulky, and closely related to mammals. dicynodonts
What is the group that all dinosaurs belong to? Archosauria, meaning 'ruling reptile'
What living forms are current today that belong in the archosaur group? crocs, alligators, and birds
In archosaurs, what group includes crocodylians, including herbivores and carnivores, as well as aquatic and land-living forms. Crurotarsi
name three crocodylian ancestors. aetosaurs, postosuches, and terrestrisuchus
In archosaurs, what other group includes birds, dinosaurs, and pterosaurs? ornithodira
One of the richest deposit of Dinosaur fossils during the Late Triassic and where is it? Ischigualasto Formation, Argentina
What are some theropods produced by the Ischigualasto Formation? Eoraptor, Herrerasaurus, Eodromaeus (No larger than a dog)
Sauropodomorph in this formation? Panphagia
Herbivore in the formation? Pisanosaurus
What are some characteristics of the first dinosaurs? upright posture, open hip socket, opposable thumb, and a three-fingered hand
When a species has an edge over another Competition
What gave dinosaurs the edge over other animals living in the Late Triassic? Upright posture, bipedalism (2-legged), speed, intelligence, and maybe warm blood
Created by: Chelseagirl2508