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JessicaT words

Mrs.Bakers class words

real events,places,or people are incorporated into a fictional or made up story. Historical Fiction
an expression that has a meaning particular to a language or region. Idiom
images to describe how their subjects look,sound,feel,taste,and smell. Imagery
a widely told story about the past-one that may or may not have a foundation in fact. legend
words or phrases that appeal to one or more of the five senses. Images
the general name given to literary techniques that involve surprising,interesting,or amusing contradictions. Irony
daily, or periodic, account of events. Journal
a character whos actions are inspiring or noble. Hero/Heroine
three-lined Japanese verse form. Haiku
takes place within the mind of a character. Internal conflict
highly musical verse that expresses the abservations and feelings of a speaker lyric poem
lesson taught by literary work moral
rythmical pattern in a poem meter
AKA-atmosphere the feelings mood
one who takes part but is not the main focus minor character
written communication with one person to another letter
humorous, rhyming, five-line poem with a specific meter and rhyme scheme limrick
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