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7th Grade PowerPoint

Vocabulary Words for PowerPoint Introductory Keyboarding

ClipArt any picture or art image that you add to enhance your presentation.
Design Themes A set of coordinated patterns and colors that can be used to customize your presentation.
Layout The way content and text placeholders are placed on the slide.
Office Button Opens the menu from which you can open, save, print, and start new worksheets.
Outline Tab A tab used to enter text while in Normal view, located on the left side of the window in the same pane as the Slides Tab.
Quick Access Toolbar A small toolbar next to the office button containing shortcuts for some of the most common commands.
Ribbon A combination of menu and toolbar, offering tabbed “pages” of buttons, lists, and commands.
Slide An Individual screen in a slide show.
Slide Show A series of slides displayed in a sequence as a presentation that can be controlled manually or automatically.
PowerPoint Slides Tab- The tab on the left side of the window that displays thumbnails of each slide. Located next to the Outline Tab.
Transition A special effect used to introduce a slide during a slide show.
Thumbnail A small miniaturize version of an image.
Normal View Default view in PowerPoint. Shows thumbnails in navigation pane and large slide in window where editing can be done.
Notes Page View A view used to work on the speaker notes page; includes placeholders for the slide notes.
Slide Show View A view that shows the slides on the full screen with animations and transitions.
Slide Sorter View A view that displays a thumbnail of each slide in the order they appear in the presentation.
Created by: mgarda