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Adobe Fl Vocabulary

Adobe Flash Vocabulary

Flash Document (lower case letters) A document that contains flash works with the extension fla.
Tools Panel Contains tools for drawing, coloring, etc.
Panels Additional tools for modification.
Property Inspector Where you change certain the most used objects.
Movie A published flash document
Stage Where you work.
Timeline Where you organize the content over time.
Frame A single of picture in series that forms content.
Keyframe A frame where a new symbol instance appears or where you set a change happens in an object's property.
Property Keyframe A specific frame where you change an object's property.
Layers Where you organize your content.
Scene Like a scene in a movie.
Edit Bar Indicates the current scene.
Symbol Element stored in Flash to be reused.
Instance A copy of a symbol when it is on a stage.
Library where you store and organize symbols.
Motion Tweening An automated way to create smooth movement over time.
Classic Tweening More complex for of motion tweening.
Shape Tweening Automated way to create shape change.
Sounds Sound fx that are triggered by an action
Actions Commands that control an object on a timeline when the movie is played.
XFL file Exchange format made for flash that let's you use indesign and dreamweaver content.
XMP - Extensible Metedata Platform Metedata, let's you put info such as author, copyright, etc.
Created by: psgrizzle11