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Adv Office: Excel T5

Excel Tables, Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts

Data Definition Table Documentation that lists the fields to be maintained for each record and a description of the information each field will include.
ascending order The arrangement of text alphabetically from A to Z, numbers from smallest to largest, and dates from oldest to newest.
criteria filter Conditions you specify for a filter
custom list The sequence you specify to sort data
descending order The arrangement of text in reverse alphabetical order from Z to A, numbers from largest to smallest, and dates from newest to oldest
field A characteristic or a person, place, or thing (such as a last name, address, city, or state); in Excel, each column represents a field.
field name A unique label that describes the contents of the data in a column; also called a column header
filter The process of displaying a subset of rows in an Excel table that meets the specified criteria.
freeze The process of keeping rows and/or columns you select visible as you scroll the worksheet
header row The first row of the range or Excel table that contains field names
pane A section of a window; In Excel, you can split the worksheet window into two or four resizable panes
PivotChart A graphical representation of the data in a PivotTable
PivotTable An interactive table used to group and summarize either a range of data or an Excel table into a concise, tabular format for easier reporting and analysis
primary sort field The first sort field
record A collection of related fields that are grouped together; in Excel, each row in an Excel table or range represents a record
refresh To update
secondary sort field The second sort field
slicer An object used to filter a PivotTable or PivotChart
sort The process of rearranging data such as the records in an Excel table or range based on one or more fields; data can be sorted in ascending or descending order
sort field A field that you use to order data
split bar A moveable bar that indicates the division between panes and that can be dragged to resize the panes
Total row A row at the end of an Excel table that is used to calculate summary statistics (such as sum, average, count, maximum, and minimum) for each column in the Excel table
value field A field that contains summary data in a PivotTable
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