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Newspeak Terms

Victory Mansions government issued housing
Big Brother figurehead of Oceania
Hate Week Week in which Oceanian citizens all attend rallies and parades to inflame hatred of Party enemies and heighten their efforts on behalf of Oceania
telescreen two-way television
Police Patrol travel around Oceania arresting people
Thought Police police force in charge of eliminating crimethink
Airstrip One Britain
Oceania, Eastasia, Eurasia three super powers constantly at war
Newspeak language, gets smaller
Ministry of Truth propagate lies
Ministry of Love torture, reconditioning people
Ministry of Plenty economic affairs
Ministry of Peace war
the Party highest group of people on Oceania
Party slogans war is peace, ignorance is strength, freedom is slavery
physical jerks morning calisthenics
INGSOC english socialism
doublethink The power to hold two completely contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accept both of them.
mutability of the past changing the past, make BB loo omniscient
"Victory" government issued
speawrite voice recognition software
proles not considered part of the Party, allowed to do what they wanted
Two Minutes Hate Daily telescreen specials in which various elements of crimethink were packaged into a parade of horrible images and sounds, at which, the viewers were expected to boo, hiss, curse. and release any negative emotions upon.
Junior Anti-Sex league Organization promoting celibacy, and the eradication of the orgasm, because these things cause feelings of ownlife
Inner Party official party members, upper class
Outer Party "middle class" people
enemy of the people Goldstein
the Brotherhood people against BB
the Book written by Goldstein
vaporization elimination of a person
the Youth League marches, party ideology
Spies kids who watch out for their parents
memory hole slots in the walls
pornosec the porno section
artsem artificial insemination
facecrime facial expressions
duckspeak people who spit political jargon
ownlife independent lifestyle
Chesnut Tree Cafe place for intellectuals and artists, symbolic of expression
lift elevator
flat apartment
spanner wrench
tube subway
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