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R&J Act I

Review Questions

In what city does the play take place? Verona, Italy
In which time period does the play take place? 1300's
Which families are feuding at the beginning of the play? the Montagues and the Capulets
Which Capulet is 'quick-tempered?' Tybalt
What does Prince Escalus state he will do to the next person who disturbs the peace? They will be put to death
Who are Lord and Lady Montague worried about? Romeo
Who talks to Romeo about why he is upset? Benvolio
Why is Romeo depressed? He is in love with Rosaline and she doesn't love him back.
Which character is described as a peacemaker? Benvolio
On what day of the week does the play begin? Sunday
Who are Romeo's parents? Lord and Lady Montague
Who are Juliet's parents? Lord and Lady Capulet
Who is Romeo's cousin? Benvolio
Who is Juliet's cousin? Tybalt
Who is the ruler of Verona? Prince Escalus
Who is about to fight at the beginning of the play? servants of Montagues and Capulets
Who wants to marry Juliet? County Paris
How long must Paris wait to marry Juliet? 2 years
Since the servant can't read, who reads the guest list for Capulet's party? Romeo
How do Romeo and Benvolio get into the party unnoticed? They wear masks
Who recognized Romeo at the party by his voice? Tybalt
How did Lord Capulet react to Romeo being at the party? He told Tybalt not to worry about it.
Who tells Romeo that Juliet is a Capulet? the Nurse
How old is Juliet? 13, almost 14
Why does Romeo have a bad feeling about going to the party? He had a bad dream.
Which of Romeo's friends is funny? Mercutio
Who is Queen Mab? She is a fairy tale character that helps people sleep.
Who took care of Juliet when she was a baby? the Nurse
What is an aside? When a character whispers
What is a monologue? A long speech when a character isn't alone
What is a soliloquy? A long speech when a character is alone of the stage
What are maskers? Boys that wore masks to hide their identity.
Created by: jessupd