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WHHS Scavenger Hunt


Flapper giddy, attractive and slightly unconventional young thing who was a somewhat foolish girl inclined to be rebellious
Great Commoner William Jennings Bryan
Harlem Renaissance 1920s black literature and music flourishes in Harlem, NYC
Empress of the Blues Bessie Smith
Charleston popular dance in 1920s
Jazz the term applied to a way of dancing, a type of music, and a synonym for sexual intercourse
two names for 1920s Jazz Age, Roaring Twenties
William Randolph Hearst wealthy newspaper and magazine owner
Erte famous fashion illustrator for Harper's Bazaar magazine
St. Valentine's Day Massacre end of the Moran gang by Al Capone
Charles Lindberg aviator who made the first transatlantic flight alone
Clara Bow's nickname The "It girl"
Lord Carnarvon found King Tut's tomb
How did magician Harry Houdini die? ruptured appendix
birthplace of jazz New Orleans
Created by: zanopat