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AS Comp - Data Flow

AS Comp

What is a Bus? A pathway for sending specific data.
What is the Control Bus? A bus used by the Control Unit to send commands to other units.
What is the Address Bus? Carries the address of where the data is going
What is the Data Bus? Carries the data from one register to another
What does the Program Counter do? Contains the address of the next instruction for the processor. The counter is incremented to find the next instruction. This is altered when an interrupt comes in.
What does the MAR do? Memory Address Register - It is where the instruction from the PC is stored for use by the CPU.
What does the MDR do? Memory Data Register - It finds the instruction from the address in the MAR and holds the instruction that the MAR has the address for.
What does the CIR do? Current Instruction Register - Takes the instruction from the MDR. Then splits up the command and sends parts to be decoded. It also holds the address of the data used in the instruction.
What is a LAN? Local Area Network - A group of computers connected by wireless communications within a small vicinity.
What is a WAN? Wide Area Network - A lot of computers linked together over a large range. Usually used in Universities and large companies.
What is Serial Transmission? Sending the data one bit at a time.
What is Simplex Transmission? Sending the data in one direction e.g. mouse to computer.
What is full duplex transmission? When data can be sent in both directions.
What is half duplex transmission? When data can be sent in both directions but not at the same time.
What is echoing? When data is sent and then sent back. The data will be continue to be sent until data received is the same as the data sent.
What is CheckSum? The data is added up and a checksum byte is created. This is then also done on the receiving side to make sure the data is correct.
What is a Parity check? The eighth bit of a byte is created by adding together the other bits. This is then calculated on the other side to check if the data is corrupted.
What is a Protocol? A set of instructions that govern data flow.
Created by: Alp4stallard