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Ty'Shica's Stack

Lessons 27-32

Formal language English with precise rules of grammar, spelling, and usage applied
Informal language slang or colloquial
Slang trendy made-up words and use of familiar words in new ways; has its own special vocabulary and expressions
Colloquial language language used in everyday speech
Thesis main idea
Primary sources contains information recorded by the people or institutions directly involved in the subject being researched
Memoirs contains the opinions and thoughts of people from another time
Speeches public expressions of opinion
Secondary sources contains information gathered by those who weren't directly involved
Textbooks and other non-fiction books provides strong overviews of a subject or topic and solid details about broader ranges of information
Almanacs contains collections of facts updated from year to year
Microfiche preserved old newspapers, an other researched materials that are either too fragile to handle or have been reduced in size
In-depth field studies statistics and surveys that may help prove a trend
Technical documents letters, forms, records, ads, web pages, and other specialized information
Paraphrasing rewriting the ideas your research uncovers in your own words
Summarizing condensing your research into shorter statements
Clarity making sure you are clearly understood
Misplaced Modifiers words or phrases in a confusing location
Parallel structure items in a series should have similar form
Focus making the thinking behind your essay easy to follow
Bibliography a listing of the sources used in a research for a report
Works-cited list contains the information on the sources actually used or quoted in a research paper
Table of contents listing of chapter titles and page numbers; used as a book outline
Preface/Introduction an overview stating why the book is written
Index a list at the end that guides readers to page numbers of individual topics
Glossary a list at the end that define words and terms used in the book
Appendix additional information listed at the end of the book related to the subject
Subordinate supporting ideas as well as final conclusions
Library the place to find texts with in-depth information as well as general resource materials
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