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For poetry test Friday

Theme Main idea of piece and focus of poem
Purpose What You want Your poem To achieve
Mood The atmosphere or context
Form What it looks like on paper
Repetition Repeating a word or phrase to make a certain mood
alliteration Repetition of the same consonant sound At the beginning of words
Imagery Words that give readers a sensory experience
Onomatopoeia Where that imitates or suggest the sound of what word is referring to
Metaphor Comparison of two completely different things not using like or as
Simile Compare two completely different things using like or as
Concrete versus abstract language Concrete is specific words abstract is not specific words
Stanza Lines that are arranged into groups
Rhyme Two words that have the same end sound
Near rhyme Two lines that sound very similar but aren't an exact rhyme
Personification Giving human like qualities to an object animal or idea
Concrete poems Uses specific language or words
Lyrical Expresses a poets emotions using lively musical language
Extended metaphors or metaphorical Continued past one line and compares two completely different things through the whole poem
Limericks . Woke Hope
Narratives Tell stories using some of the elements of short stories have rhythm often use repetition
Free verse Follows no rules
Created by: Pandaland