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Vocabulary unit #

Vocab words from unit # 9.

cautionary offering or serving as a warning.
constrain to confine or inhibit, or hold back by force or necessity.
constraint a restriction or limitation.
flotilla a fleet of boats or small ships.
gossamer 1. thin sheer of fabric resembling gauze. 2. fine, filmy substance made of strands of cobweb. as light as a delicate cobweb.
ignominious marked by, deserving, or causing shame or disgrace.
incur to bring upon oneself, something undesirable, such as debt.
liquidate 1. to settle affairs of a business; to convert into cash. 2.to get rid of; to kill or destroy
magnate an important, often wealthy,person prominent in a large industry or business.
misnomer a name that does not fit.
onerous burdensome; oppressive.
pandemonium a state of great confusion or uproar.
quixotic romantic and idealistic, but impractical.
tenacious holding fast; persistent in adhering to something valued or habitual.
vestige a trace of something that was once present.
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