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LWW Ch 9-12

turret a small ornamental tower on a castle or building
centaur a creature with the head, arms, and chest of a man and the body of a horse
ventured did something risky or dangerous
gloating feeling or expressing great pleasure
repulsive disgusting
vermin an insect or animal that is destructive and harmful to health (like rats, fleas, lice)
councilor/ counselor someone who gives advice or suggestions
glades a clearing in a forest
pavilion a large roofed structure often found in a park
rampant growing without control
bane a cause of harm or danger, a killer
standard personal flag of a member of the royal family
thickets thick growth of bushes, shrubs, and trees
transparent something so clear it can be seen through
traitor someone who is unfaithful and turns against his own friends, family, or country
vicious mean and cruel
scornfully with hate or contempt; looking down o someone
cordial a medicine you drink
quiver carrying case for arrows
eerie strange or frightening
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