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POB Obj. 2.0 Review

This is a review of the concepts learned in Obj. 2.0

Keith renovated his restaurant to reflect the retro style of 1950. This is an example of which type of business operation? Facilities Mgmt.
A production manager determined that the buffer made the fnish or cars appear to be dull. Which continuous process improvement did he perform? Monitor performance continuously
Which is an example of production planning for resources? Remodeling a building in order to manufacture a new product
When customers sign up for online-subscriptions, they are informed on whether their info will be shared with other internal depts. This is an example of what type concern: Privacy
Travis tried several times to remove unfamiliar files from his computer. He used anti-virus software to remove the files. This is an example of what type of concern for using technology? Computer Crime
Louis trained several employees on how to proces financial statements using the new software. These employees use to process reports manually for almost 7 years. This is an example of what type of concern? Employment trends
Revlon, Inc. use tow mowers that will automatically pick up pallets from from the assembly lines & move them to the warehouse. This is which type technology? Robotics
Roman processed reports on his computer that will allow his mgr. to make decisions about the amount of brake pads & oil to order from warehouse. This is an example of what type technology app.? Management Info System
Sheetz Convenience Stores have a touchscreen ordering system that helps customers with ordering food. This is an example of what type technology app.? Expert Systems
Using the internet & online communication, Reagan presented a new product to potential customers in Peru, Mexico, & NY. This is an example of what type technology app.? E-Commerce
James decided to host a website that will allow his club members to purchase goods from one another. This is an example of what type technology app.? E-Commerce
Lisa installs automated systems that will assist customers with opening accounts. This is an example of what type of technology app.? Artificial Intelligence
ABC Corporation is attempting to buy out its only competitor but a lawsuit has been filed declaring that the transaction may lead to a monopoly. Which consumer right might the corporation be violating? To Choose
After complaining at the customer service desk, Parker received a favorable response. Which consumer right did he evoke? To Service
A sales associate discourages customers from reporting complaints regularly. Which right of the consumer bill of rights is being violated? To Be Heard
3M prohibits another company fron producing the natural fitting mouse exactly the same way they do. This company is protected by which government service? Intellectual Property Protection
Facebook's 'FB' is trademarked - letters & design has received which government service? Intellectual Property Protection
Melissa signed a document agreeing to pay $2000 to have a stereo system installed. The manager of the company disputed the agreed amount. Melissa may need which type of protection? Contract Enforcement
This type partner plays no role & is not known to the public Dormant
This partner does not have an active role but they are known to the public Silent
This function is used to determine whether a business is accomplishing its goals that were set in the planning stage Controlling
Obtaining the employees, Training the employees, & Compensating the employees Staffing
Marketing Manager, Information Technology Manager, & Customer Service Manager are responsible for "certain parts" of the business Mid-Managers
A directive & controlling manager that makes the major decisions; stays in close contact with employees while they work Tactical
Used when a leader needs to give direct, clear, and precise orders and makes decisions Autocratic Leadership
One who gives little or no direction to employees Open/Laissez-faire Leader
Tests electrical and other consumer products; Consumer Safety Underwriters Laboratories
Accepting consumer complaints about business dealings, keeping records available to public, & informing the public about unfair trade practices and issues Better Business Bureau
Protecting business & consumer from unfair competition (advertising, fraud, bait and switch, etc.); Enforcing antitrust laws (monopoly) Federal Trade Commission - FTC
Federal agency that promotes safety from unreasonable risk of injury from products, testing products, & initiates recalls of unsafe products from the marketplace Consumer Product Safety Commission - CPSC
Created by: dbruinton
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