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Vocab - IElanguages

New vocabulary added after going through the listening activities on the website

great-grandmother arrière-grand-mère n.f.
old age (noun) vieillesse n.f.
stick bâton n.m.
eldest / eldest child aîné adj / n.m.
lightly légèrement adv.
town council mairie n.f.
sales representative /s commercial/e / commerciaux n.m/f/pl
as for quant à loc. prep.
pension retraite n.f.
of profession de métier n.m.
to stop arrêter vt
home foyer nm
housewife femme au foyer nf
to raise élever vt
in fact en fait loc adv
to meet se rencontrer vb pron
rather assez adv
enough assez adv
since / because puisque conj
fine / thin /small fin adj
always toujours adv
mop panosse nf
floorcloth serpillière nf
to clean nettoyer vt
uncle tonton nm
still toujours adv
only seulement / rien que adv
not yet pas encore
to divide / to share partager vt
to find difficult avoir un peu de mal à
to feel sentir vt
future l'avenir nm
it's funny c'est marrant
meal repas nm
have a good meal faire un bon repas
same même adj
even if même si adv
the same one le même / la même pron
warm / hot chaud / chaude adj
in other words autrement dit loc adv
to wake up réveiller vt
to react réagir vi
then (à ce moment-là) alors adv.
so (en conséquence) alors adv.
then/so / in that case alors adv.
to bring closer rapprocher v.t.
to come closer (move closer) se rapprocher de v.r.
to draw closer to se rapprocher de v.r.
widespread répandu/e adj.
(telephone) number numéro n.m.
to wish souhaiter v.t.
Eh.. hein interj.
year année n.f.
vegetables légume / s n.m.
refined / sophisticated raffiné adj.
root racine n.f.
remind of rappeler v.t.
to represent représenter v.t.
midday / noon midi n.m.
model / example exemple n.m.
cooked meats charcuterie n.f.
spicy épicé adj.
sweet pepper poivron n.m.
too / overly / too much trop adv.
less moins adv.
flood crue n.f.
reach / rise /climb monter v.t.
to get into (a car) monter dans (une voiture) v.t.
cloud nuage n.m.
it is how it is c'est comme ça
inconvenience inconvénient n.m.
phenomenon phénomène n.m.
height hauteur n.f.
high up en hauteur adv.
earthquake tremblement de terre
frequently souvent adv.
next suivant adj. / adv.
around autour adv.
this here (is a computer) ceci pron.
large number/ thousands milliers n.pl.m.
animal / creature bête n.f.
sheep mouton n.m.
to bringback /to take back ramener v.t.
to go back / to climb back up remonter
to bring / to take (somone along) amener v.t.
elsewhere / somewhere else ailleurs [a j ɶ r] adv.
average / medium moyen / ne
town / municipality /comunǎ commune n.f.
proof / evidence preuve n.f.
event / occurance événement n.m.
lights feux n.pl.m.
fireworks feux d'artifice n.pl.m
neighbourhood quartier n.m.
plains (câmpie) plaines n.pl.
farmer paysan n.m.
to laugh rigoler v.i.
corner / local area coin n.m.
inevitably / necessarily forcément adv.
surroundings alentour [alontour] n.m.
bowling sport (trad. French) pétanque n.f.
opinion / notice avis n.m.
ball / head boule n.f.
even if même si conj.
citizen citoyen n.m.
to confess avouer [avwe] v.t.
relaxed / calm détendu adj.
work life la vie professionnelle
possible possible adj.
people les gens n.pl.m
day before la veille [vɛj] n.f.
Christmas dinner le réveillon n.m.
oyster huître n.f.
still encore adv.
yet encore adv.
again encore adv.
now encore adv. (tu veux quoi encore ?)
(female) turkey la dinde n.f.
cock chapon n.m.
different différent adj.
differently différemment adv.
to play cards jouer aux cartes
game jeu / jeux (pl.) n.m.
abundance profusion n.f.
anxious person (noun) un inquiet n.m.
door lourde n.f.
heavy lourde adj.
busy lourde adj.
serious lourde adj.
important lourde adj.
wood bois n.m. pl invariable
to target / to aim at viser v.t.
goal / target but n.m.
to fling / hurl / throw jeter [ʒəte] v.t.
to rebound revenir v.t.
since / because puisque conj.
rather (indiquer la préférence) plutôt adv.
funny drôle adj.
funny marrant adj.
country pays n.m. pl invariable
region / area pourtour n.m.
during lors / lors de prep.
as en tant que loc. prep.
in the capacity of en tant que loc. prep.
mode / means moyen n.m.
in a row d'affilée loc. n.f.
either soit conj.
agreed / ok soit adv. (soit, j'accepte votre décision)
smell odeur n.m.
grass herbe n.f.
from Savoy savoyarde adj.
of course / naturally bien entendu adv.
to be on fire/ to burn brûler v.t/i.
to let laisser v.t.
to live vivre v.t.
hence d'où adv.
from where d'où conj.
small valley vallon n.m.
enormously / tremendously énormément adv.
mechanic carrossier n.m.
occupation / trade métier n.m.
me myself /eu insumi moi-même pron.
to start to do se mettre v.pron.
box / company / club boîte n.f.
variety / diversity variété
training/schooling formation n.f.
that is why voilà adv.
firstly / first of all d'abord adv.
cooked cuite adj. (pp of cuire)
have to / need to falloir v.imp.
to heat up réchauffer v.tr.
currency / change monnaie [m o n e] n.f.
hand main n.f.
storekeeper n.m. commerçant
next day (after the holiday) lendemain (de la fête) n.m.
to look like / to resemble ressembler à v.t.
cat chat n.m.
master maître n.m.
though / even though quand même conj.
maternal maternel adj.
kindergarten maternelle n.f.
course cours n.m. pl invariable
to quit / to leave / to give up quitter v.t.
to supply / to provide fournir v.t.
to have one's relationship legally recognised se pacser v.pron.
to father (procréer) engendrer v.t.
that is to say soit conj.
either…..or soit que….
beyond / further au-delà adv.
to bring apporter v.t.
grief mécontentement n.m.
current courant adj.
teaching enseignement n.m.
to teach enseigner v.t.
powerful / influential puissant adj.
to rent out/hire out louer v.t.
to stroll/walk se balader v.pron.
to rest se reposer v.pron.
time (e.g. one time, I..) fois n.f.
at the edge/end of au bord de prep.
touch toucher v.t.
below / underneath au-dessous adv.
far / a long way / distant loin adv. Paris est loin de Marseille
offshore au large adv.
right/true/just juste adj./adv.
sum / addition somme n.f.
each chacun pron.
to climb grimper v.i.
daughter-in-law belle-fille
to redo refaire v.t.
rejuvenating rajeunissant adj.
car gear vitesse n.f.
differently / in another manner autrement adv.
I would put aside je mettrais de côte
five year period quinquennat n.m.
seven year period septennat n.m.
to party faire la fête v.i.
to free yourself se libérer v.pron.
in whom auquel pron. rel.
to whom auquel pron. rel.
to which auquel pron. rel.
at which auquel pron. rel.
to realise (to understand what is happening) se rendre compte v.i.
according to (the law) de par (la loi) loc.prep.
throughout (the world) de par (le monde) loc.prep.
to realise (to produce, to create) réaliser v.t.
as aussi / comme
boring / dull ennuyeux / ennuyeuse adj.
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