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Hardware Vocabulary

Computer hardware vocabulary

cables Insulated wire that is used to connect devices to your computer
card reader A unit that allows a user to upload photos directly to your hard drive from your memory card, input device
CD A compact disk; a high-volume external data storage device
CPU (Central Processing Unit) Computer’s “brain” that controls the interaction between hardware and software. It controls everything you do on a computer.
Diskette Floppy disk, a low-volume external data storage device
DVD Digital Video Disk is a compact disk used primarily for storing movies
External Hard Drive It is a portable hard drive that allows the user to store/back up information separate from the internal hard drive: diskette, USB flash drive, or CD
Hardware Computer parts that you can see and touch (monitor, printer, scanner, touchpad, keyboard, mouse)
Keyboard Hardware that contains a set of keys you tap to insert text and numbers or perform special tasks, input device
Microphone Internal or external device that transfers sound, input device
Modem Device that converts signals going to and coming from some other type of data carrier such as the telephone system or cable TV system
Monitor Computer hardware with a screen that displays the documents you create, output device
Mouse A pointing device used to perform a task such as clicking or dragging
Printer A device that prints a hard copy of electronic documents, output device
Scanner Device that allows a computer to “see” a drawing, photo or other flat piece of artwork so it can be read into the computer, edited, or stored, input device
Speakers Can be either internal or external. Most common output device used with computers. Purpose is to produce audio output that can be heard by the listener, output device
USB Hub A small portable unit that has multiple ports for plugging in USB devices.
Webcam A camera that is connected to a computer either directly or wirelessly and generates a series of images for display, input or output device
Created by: Ms. B.