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Quebec TES Game

Quebec is on what River? S.t Lawrence
name three familiar instruments in quebec? spoons,violin,and the sax and others.
many streets in lower- town are narrow and what? winding
there are what on the roofs in quebec? ladders
the upper- town is called what in french? haute- ville
the lower- town stations is in the house once live- in by who? jolliet
the fairy boat takes cars and passengers to where on the south shore? levis
there is a bust of king who in the palace royal? louis 14
its an old city where what is there main language? french
the rue du tressor is a place where you can buy what? art
quebec city is the only what city in north america? walled
the name quebec come from what word? alqonquin
there are free outdoor what in amny of the streets duing the summer? concerts
the largest operating fort in north america is called? la citadelle
the canoe race takes place during the what canival? winter
the parliament building is called the hotel du? parlement
it s the headquarters of the royal canadian what regiment? 22nd
the quebec flag has a white what in each quarter? fleur de lays
the what falls are higher than niagara falls? montmorency
the lower- town is called what in french? basse- ville
between the tow towns you can ride the what rail? Funicular
The boardwalk
Created by: lfineman