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HTML terms

Internet Service Provider A company that has a permanent connection to that Internet backbone.
Internet A worldwide collection of computers and computer networks.
Network A collection of two or more computers that are connected to share resources and information.
World Wide Web The part of the internet that supports multimedia and consists of a collection of linked documents
HTTP A set of rules for exchanging text, graphics, sound, video, and other multimedia files. (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
Web Pages The linked documents, or pages of information, on the Web.
Web Site A related collection of Web pages that is created and maintained by an individual, company, educational institution, or other organization.
Web Server (Host) A computer that stores and sends requested Web pages and other files.
Publishing Copying the Web pages and associated files, such as graphics and audio, to a Web Server.
Intranet A private network that uses Internet technologies to share company information among employees.
Extranet A private network that uses Internet technologies to share business information with select corporate partners or key customers.
Web browser A program that interprets and displays Web pages and enables you to view and interact with a Web Page.
URL (Uniform Resource Locator) The address of a document or other file accessible on the internet.
Protocol A set of rules that governs communications and the exchange of data between computers over a network.
Path A hierarchical list of folders in which the Web page files are stored.
File Extension Which type of application is used to either create the document, or display the document.
Source Code The typed text and tags as they appear in the text editor.
Word Wrap Causes text lines to break at the right edge of the window and appear on a new line, so all entered text is visible.
Elements The basic features that most Web pages have in common.
Head title The text that appears on the title bar and taskbar of the browser window when the Web page appears.
Body Contains the information that is displayed in the browser window; can include text, graphics and other elements.
Background A solid color, a picture, or a graphic against which the other elements on the Web page appear.
Normal text The default text format used for the main content of a Web page.
Headings Used to set off paragraphs of text or different sections of a page; a larger font size than normal text and often are bolded or italicized, or a different color than the normal text.
Inline Image An image used in a Web page.
GIF Graphics Interchange Format. Image files that are limited to 256 colors, but require great detail; good for storing detailed line art, maps, graphs and charts, and other low-color graphics.
JPG Joint Photographic Experts Group. Best used for photos and other graphics files that contain a larger range of colors.
PNG Portable Network Graphics. Best used for photos and other graphics files that contain a larger range of colors.
Image Map A special type of inline image in which you define one or more areas as hotspots.
Hot Spot An area of an image that activates some function when selected.
Horizontal Rules Lines that are displayed across a Web page to separate different sections of the page.
Text Link The most commonly used hyperlink. Usually appears as underlined text, and in a different color from the normal text.
External Link A hyperlink that connects to a Web page on another Web site.
Internal Link A hyperlink that connects to a Web page within your own Web site.
Email Link Used to make a “hotspot” for a viewer to use to click and send an email to someone.
Hyperlink Text, an image, or another Web page element that you click to instruct the browser to go to a location in a file or to request another Web page from the server.
Header Contains a set of required tags, <head> and </head>, and contains the Web page title and other document header information.
HTML Hyper Text Markup Language
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