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3/7/13 WD2 SA

malware Abbreviation for malicious software. malware is software designed to harm computer systems
virus A malicious program that replicates itself on computer systems usually through executable software and causes irreparable system damage
worm a self replicating program or algorithm that consumes systems resources
Trojan A program disguised as a harmless application that actually produces harmful results
illicit server An application that installs hidden services on systems. Illicit servers consist of "client" code and "server" code that enable the attacker to monitor and control the operation of the computer infected with the server code
anti-virus software Software that scans disks and programs for known viruses and eliminates them
spyware A software application secretly placed on a user's system to gather information and relay it to outside parties, usually for advertising purposes
update A file or collection of tools that resolves system liabilities and improves software performance
patch programming code that provides a temporary solution to a known problem or bug
screen saver A graphic or moving image that appears on your screen when your computer is idle
Created by: ash.sa2