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unit 5 french travel

voyager to travel
faire un voyage to go on a trip
faire un sejour to spend some time
a l'etranger abroad
au controle de passeport at passport check
une piece d'intentite an id document
une carte d'indentite an id card
un permis de conduire driver's license
a la douane at customs
des bagages luggage
une valise a suitcase
un sac a bag
un baggage a main a carry-on bag
un sac a dos a backpack
quelque chose a declarer something to declare
ne... rien a declarer not having anything to declare
un passeport a passport
a l'agence de voyages at the travel agency
acheter un billet to buy a ticket
reserver une place to save a seat
confimer ma reservation to confirm my reservation
annuler ma reservation to cancel my reservation
louer une voiture to rent a car
quelle sorte de.. what type/kind of...
un aller simple a one way
un aller-retour a round trip
en quelle classe? in what class?
premiere classe first class
classe affaires business class
deuxieme classe 2nd class ( only on trains)
classe economie economy, coach
en quelle section? in what section?
fumeur smoking
non-fumeur non smoking
quel siege? what seat?
quelle place? what place?
pres de la fenetre close to the window
pres du couloir close to the aisle
une carte d'emparquement a boarding pass
le vol the flight
direct direct
une escale a stop or connection?
une correspondance a change of planes
a l'heure on time
en avance early
en retard late
annule canceled
complet full
il y a de la place there's room
libre free
occupe(e) occupied
acheter un billet to buy a ticket
composter to get punched (train ticket)
monter dans to get on (train)
descendre de to get off (train)
attendre to wait
rater to miss
prendre to take
le prochain train/ le train suivant the next train, PC
au depart at departure
presenter to present
obtenir to get
enregistrer to check
se presenter to be at, introduce yourself
embarquer to board (the plane)
pendant le vol during the flight
mettre le bagage a main... to put the carry-ons ...
attacher to fasten
le ceinture de securite the seat belt
a l'arrivee at arrival
debarquer to get off plane
chercher leur bagages to look for luggage
passer par la douane pass by customs
l'avion the airplane
decoller to take off
aterrir to land
a l'aeroport at the airport
le comptoir the check in counter
le controle de securite security
un douanier customs agent
les horaires the schedules
'hotesse de l'air flight attendant
la livraison de bagages baggage check
le pilote the pilot
la porte the gate
la salle d'attente the waiting area
le steward the steward
a la gare at the train station
le composteur the ticket puncher
la consigne the lockers
le quai the platform
le guichet the ticket window
la sortie the exit
le tableau d'affichage bulletin board
un train a train
un wagon a train car
le controleur the conductor
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