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Studio Operation


Inputs XLR Is Balanced, Line Level Is Unbalanced
Outputs XLR is Balanced, Line Level Is Unbalanced
Fader Vertical Slider That Increases Or Deceases Output levels
Bus Row Of Buttons That Correspond To Video Sources
Fader Bar "T" Bar That Allows Tech Dir To Manually Switch From Bus A To Bus B
Dissolve Transition Where One Source Is Gradually Replaced By Another
Program Bus Video Signal Being Broadcast
Preview Bus Video Signal About To Be Broadcast
Cut Instantaneous Change From One Video Source To Another
Fade Transition Where Program Source Is Replaced By A Color, Usually Black
Wipe Transition Where One Video Source Is "Wiped" Off The Screen And Is Replaced By The Signal From The Preview Bus
Chroma Key Replace A Background Color With A Video Or Still Image
Potentiometer or Pot Knob That Controls The Amount Of Signal input To A Channel Or Effect
Cue Sends Selected Sound To The Headphone Jack For Monitoring
Face Font Side Of Letter
VU Meter Meter That Measures The Main Audio Level
Contrast Difference Between The Foreground And Background
Lower Third Identifying Graphic For An Camera Talent
Key Light Main Light Source
Background Lighting Lights For The Set And Background.Also Used For Chroma keying
EQ Controls the Amount Of Bass, Midrange, And Treble Tones In Each Audio Input
Stroke The Outer Edge Of A Typeface
Alpha Channel Transparency Information For RGB Signal So Computer Graphics Will Show Up On Screen
Side Bar Part Of Screen Beside Anchor Or Reporter Designated For Graphics
Fill Light Light That Fills In Shadows caused By The Key Light
Color Temperature The Characteristic Of Light. Higher Temperatures Are Cool Colors (Blue) Lower Temperatures Are Warm (Yellow)
Trim The Process Of Increasing Or Decreasing The Signal Level Assigned To A Channel Using The Pot
Grain The Process Of Increasing Or Decreasing The Signal Level Assigned To A Channel Using The Pot
Mute Instantly Turns Off Audio Input
Drop Shadow A Visual Effect That Makes The Letters Look Raised Above The Background
Font Typeface Family
Bug Translucent Logo That Identifies Station Or News Affiliation
Black Light (Hair Light) Light Behind Talent That Highlights Hair And Brings Subject Away From Blending Into Background
Lighting Triangle A Triangle Of Light Formed By The Key, Fill, And Back Lights. The Key And Fill Lights Are Opposite One Another While The Back Light Is Behind The Subject
Created by: ChynaS