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Review Resource for Exam2_PartI

True or false? A database is an interrelated set of records. false
You would use presentation software to create a budget - true or false? false
True or false: Grammar checker identifies word usage errors. false
Using database software would allow researcher create, manage and edit large amounts of data - true or false? true
Presentation software allows users to create slide shows which feature graphics, animation, sound, data and information - true or false? true
What type of boot describes the process of restarting a computer that is already turned on? warm boot
What feature allows users to move quickly upward, downward, or sideways through text and/or the screen display? scroll
What term describes programs that are stored permanently in computers? ROM
Which memory chips are used to store fixed start-up instructions? ROM
Bays are shelves that are a part of the CPU - true or false? false
What type of cards allow remote communication via cable? network interface
What device converts AC to DC to run computers? power supply
What type of technology can be used for processes such as reloading minutes for telephone calls? smart card
What is the term that describes high speed storage areas that temporarily store data during processing? registers
What term describes electrical data roadways through which bits are transmitted within the CPU and other components of the motherboard? buses
An integrated circuit embodies solid state technology - true or false? true
A shelf or opening in a computer used for the installation of electronic equipment is called a... bay
What measurement describes approximately 1 billion bytes? gigabyte
A GUI forces the user to use keystrokes to select icons and commands from menus - true or false? false
Small pictures that are used with GUIs to represent programs, data files, or procedures are called... icons
RAM cannot be erased or overwritten - true or false? false
What term describes shelves that are used to install new computer components or devices? bays
What type of software allows application software to interact with the computer? system
What is the principal component of system software in any computing system? operating system
What type of boot describes the process of a user turning on a computer that is currently turned off? cold boot
When one user runs two or more programs at the same time on a computer with one or two central processors, the process is referred to as... multitasking
In MS PowerPoint, an object name or description that appears when you point to it is called a... screen tip
In MS PowerPoint, Live Preview is a feature that shows what your changes will look like before clicking or selecting an effect - true or false? true
Fill-in-the-blank: In MS PowerPoint, the BLANK pane is the area where you can add speaker notes for the presenter. notes
Filenames can be up to 255 characters long - true or false? true
The basic data-representation method for computers is... binary system
CPU is an acronym that stands for... central processing unit
L1, L2 and L3 are examples of... cache memory
ASCII is an example of a binary code - true or false? true
Created by: nicole.minor