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Broadcast Video/Prod

a list of input industry terms

director the person who is in charge of the guidance of the whole production
producer the person who is in charge in launching the entire production
preproduction the plan where a production's basic concepts and ideas are laid out, and when scripting takes place.
table reading when actors gather at a table to read their script.
treatment a summary on what your production is about. Used for a dramatic production.
A/V script a script that has two columns, video information on the left, and audio information on the right.
wardrobe person the person who is in charge of the costumes
set designer the person who designs sets and oversee its completion
strikes a production term for disassembling or to remove something
target audience a specific group of people that you are appealing to your production
editing the process of removing and selecting scenes to form a logical sequence.
Cue sends selected sound to the headphone jack for monitoring.
bus row of buttons that correspond to video sources
dissolve transition where one source is gradually replaced by another.
VU Meter meter that measures the main audio level.
storyboard a series of drawings and captions that shows the shot divisions and camera movements of the film.
technical director the person who controls the video switcher
chroma key replacing the a background color with a video or still image.
potentiometer knob that controls the amount of signal input to a channel or effect.
key light main light source
background lighting lights for the set and background.
back light light behind the talent that highlights hair and brings subject away from blending into the background.
talent the people who are heard or seenon camera. These include the actors, reporters, guests, etc.
mute option that instantly turns off the sound input.
post-production everything that happens after the production, usually including video editing
dolly to physically move the camera and tripod towards or away from the talent.
tilt to move the camera up or down
crab to physically move the camera left or right
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