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Hindu Deities

Part of Trimurti (holy trinity of Hindu gods), the Preserver, protecting the world. Vishnu
He has dark blue skin, rides on the eagle Garuna, and sits on the snake Shesha Vishnu
Bhu the Earth
An incarnation of a Hindu god Avatar
God of love Kama
Lord Mahesh; the Destroyer in the Trimurti Shiva
He has 3 eyes (middle is all knowing..when it opens, world is destroyed and regenerated), sits on tiger, has a trident and blue throat from drinking poison while ocean churns Shiva
Part of Trimurti, the Creator Brahma
Dropping an egg into cosmic waters, he hatches younger form that creates other beings. Brahma
He has 4 heads pointing in the cardinal directions representing the 4 Vedas Brahma
Shiva plucked off HIS fifth head, the skull of which he has to carry in a bowl as he wanders as a beggar, punishment for the act. Brahma
The 8th avatar of Vishnu created when he plucked a light and dark hair from his head. Krishna
In the Bhagavad-Gita he reveals importance of dharma and bhakti; dark-skinned warrior with light face as an adult Krishna
Elephant-headed god of wisdom and learning; bringer of good fortune/success Ganesha
God of rain, thunder, and war Indra
Wields the thunderbolt and rides Airavat, the four-tusked, white elephant Indra
Four-tusked, white elephant Indra rides Airavat
goddess of prosperity and moneylenders; epitome of feminine beauty. Lakshmi (Sri)
She stands on a lotus flower and appears in her avatars. Lakshmi
She represents virtue and honesty. Lakshmi
This son of the wind god and a queen has the head of a monkey and a human body. Hanuman
He can be brought to life by rubbing two sticks together and is responsible for sacrificial fires, the patron of the priests Agni
He has a red body with two heads, three legs, four arms and seven tongues and often carries a flaming javelin. Agni
700 verse scripture; part of the Hindu epic, Mahabharata Bhagavad-Gita
Hindu scripture is written in Sanskrit
The primary texts of Hinduism Vedas
Name the 3 gods of the Trimurti Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma
Rig, Sama, Yajur, and Atharva are the 4 Vedas
Ganesha rides a mouse
The warrior goddess; demon slayer who rides a lion into battle and carries a weapon in each of her many arms Durga
Chief hero of the Mahabharata; son of Indra; fights bitter war against 100 cousins ending at battle on Kuru's Field Arjuna
7th Avatar of Vishnu and hero of the Ramayana; won the hand of his wife Sita; only he can string Shiva's bow. Rama
Vishnu rides on this eagle Garuna
She gave birth to Ganesha; wife of Shiva Parvati
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