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vocab- macbeth

RCHS- macbeth vocabulary

Valor (n) Bravery,courage
Chastise (v) to discipline or punish; Scold severely
Impede (v) To hinder or obstruct
Posterity (n)All succeeding generations; All descendants of 1 person
Oracle (n)A prophecy, often obscure or allegorical; an agency through which a prophecy is transmitted
Scepter (n) ; a ceremonial staff held by a monarch as the symbol of a regal or imperial authority.
Rancor (n) Bitter, deep seated ill will; Malice, spitefulness
Malice (n)a desire to be hurtful to others
Jocund (adj)Jovial; cheerful
Appall (v) to horrify; shock
Vanquish (v) to conquer or subdue by superior force, as in battle
Pernicious (adj) causing insidious harm or ruin; ruinous; injurious; hurtful
Avarice (n) insatiable greed for riches; desire ot gain and hoard wealth
Judicious (adj) characterized by sound judgement; wise, prudent; sagacious
Credulous (adj) wiling to believe or trust too readily; especially without proper or adequate evidence; gullible
Laudable (adj) deserving praise; commendable
Covet (v) to wish, long, or crave for (esp. the property of another person)
Oblivious (adj) unaware
Censure (n) strong or vehement expression of disapproval or official reprimand strong o vehement expression of disapproval
Abhor (v) to hate intensely
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