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align to position objects by their tops, bottoms, left sides, right sides, or centers
auto-leading a feature that automatically assigns a leading value to the text you set, based on it's point size.
distribute to space objects equally on a page horizontally, vertically, or both
drop cap the first letter or letters of a paragraph are increased in size to create a visual effect
em space equivalent to that of the lowercase letter m in the current typeface at that type size
en space equivalent to that of the lowercase letter n in the current typeface at that type size
fill color applied that fills an object
font a complete character set of particular type design or typeface in digital form
frame the container for an object. a frame can hold text, a graphic, or a color fill
guides horizontal or vertical lines that you position on a page to help place objects on the page
gutter the space between columns
h&j's are set with the hyphenation dialog box and the justification dialog box
hard return aka a paragraph return. moves words down to the next baseline and creates a new paragraph; inserted into text by pressing the return key
kerning the adjustment of space between 2 characters
ligature 2 glyphs combines together to create one glyph found in glyph pallet
leading the vertical space between lines of text, measured from the baseline of one line of text to the baseline of the next line of text
local change making changes to a document page; these do not effect the design of the master page
master pages templates created for a page layout; used to create pages with consistent formatting
offset the distance, horizontally and vertically, between objects
overset text more text that can fit in the frame, shown with an out port that is red and has a plus sign in its center
package the collection of all files needed to deliver a layout for printing
pasteboard area surrounding the document; provides storage for objects
soft return moves words down to the next baseline but does not create a new paragraph; hold shift and press return
sections pages in the document where page numbering changes
stroke color applied to the outline of an object
stroke weight how heavy the outline appears
tracking process of increasing or decreasing space between characters in an entire word or paragraph
treading text linking text from one text frame to another
typeface a specific size and style of type within a type family. the raised surface carrying the image of a type character cast in metal. also used to refer to a complete set of characters forming a family in a particular design or style.
typography a combination of font, size, spacing, and color
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