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Ch 6 Stack

L1 cache Memory on the processor die
L2 cache Memory on the processor package
L3 cache Memory on the processor core
Hyper-Threading Technologies used by processor
HyperTransport Another technology used by processors
Front Side Bus A bus that connects to the front side of the processor
Internal Bus A bus that controls signals
Back Side Bus The internal bus that connects to the processor
Processor Frequency The speed the processor operates
Multiplier A processor that operates at four times the system bus frequency
Overclocking Running the motherboard at a higher speed than normal
Multiprocessor Platform A method of improving performance on a processor
Multi-Core Processing The latest advancement in multiple processing
Dual Core Supports four instructions at once
Triple Core Supports six instructions at once
Quad Core Supports eight instructions at once
Octo Core Supports sixteen instructions at once
Memory Cache A RAM that holds data
DRAM dynamic RAM
SRAM static RAM
Multimedia Extensions first system to support repetitive looping
Streaming SIMD Extension An improvment over MMX
SIMD Single Instruction, Multiple Data
3DNow! Improves 3D performance
SSE2 Improves 3D images in games
PowerNow! Increases performance and lowers power requirments
Cool'n'Quiet Lowers power requirment
EIST Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology
Execute Disable Bit Prevents software from executing or reproducing itself
Centrino Interconnects processors, chipsets and wireless networks
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