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Point functions

important points and condensed functions

point number / namecondensed functions
Liv 3 / TaiChong SPREADS LIVER QI and NOURISHES LIVER BLOOD & YIN to subdue liver yang and wind, clear the head & eyes and regulates the menses and lower jiao
Liv 8 / QuQuan MOVES BLOOD to clear damp heat from the lower jiao & NOURISH BLOOD & YIN to benefit the uterus and genitals
Kid 3 / TaiXi SUPPLEMENT KIDNEY YIN & YANG to clear deficient heat, anchor Lung qi and strengthen the lumbus
Kid 5 / ShuiQuan regulate the Chong & Ren for menstrual dysfunction
Kid 6 / ZhaoHai SUPPLEMENT KIDNEY YIN & REGULATE THE YIN QIAO to clear deficient heat, benefit the throat, calm the spirit and regulate the lower jiao
Kid 7 / FuLiu REGULATE THE WATERWAYS to treat edema, regulate sweat and clear damp (heat) from the lower jiao
SI 3 / HouXi CLEARS WIND & HEAT to treat malaria & epilepsy, clear the head and sensory orifices and calm the spirit & REGULATES THE DU to benefit the neck and occiput
UB 40 / WeiZhong 1. benefits the lumbus, knees and bladder 2. clears summerheat (vomit & diarrhea) 3. cools the blood
Ht 5 / TongLi regulates heart rhythm, calms the spirit and benefits the tongue (smooths/frees the movement of heart organ, spirit & tongue)
Ht 7 / ShenMen TONIFIES/SUPPLEMENTS THE HEART to calm the spirit (primary Ht pt for this fx) and pain & palpitations
SJ 5 / WaiGuan RELEASES THE EXTERIOR to expel wind (wind-damp bi) and clear heat; OPENS THE YANG WEI
Created by: nsinfinite