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Exam 2

What does PEO stand for? Person, Environment, Occupation
What does PEO look at? How interactions between the person, occupation, and environment determines succes or not. (ex: sporting even-crowd encourages cheering for a specific team)
Who was PEO created by? OT's in Canada to analyze client behavior.
What does PEO believe? all 3 parts are interdependent. The results are greater than the individual parts.
What is person in the PEO model? Believes the person ias a spiritual being and looks at what's important to them, believes they can change over time.
What is environment in the PEO model? People (supportive or not), cultural views, physical environment (ex:where you study)
onmentWhat is occupation in the PEO model? Task
PEO's 3 different area's of occupation Self care, Productivity(ex:study, work),Leisure
Occupational fit The best fit for occupational performance, help all 3 areas work together best
How does the PEO model change over time? Recognizes that the occupational fit changes over time due to changes in all 3 areas of the PEO, which will effect occupational performance.
Who Created the PsychoEducation model? Lillie & Armstrong
Not perfect for everyone... PsychoEducation Model
People can learn new ways to do things... PsychoEducation Model
Client is considered to be the student... PsychoEducation Model
Created for people who suffer from co-dependency, alcohol/drug abuse, chronic psycho illness, HIV... PsychoEducation Model
What does PSR stand for? PsychoSocial Rehabilitation
What is the model most used by practitioners who work in the community with people who have psychiatric disabilities? PsychoSocial Rehabilitation
What does PsychoSocial Rehabilitation focus on? Helping individuals develop skills & access resources needed to increase their capacity to be successful & satisfied in the living, working, learning, & social enivironments of their choice.
What does COS stand for? Consumer Operated Services
__________ are community based resources that can address the secondary effects of mental illness through socialization & participation in meaningful activity. Consumer Operated Services
_______________are mostly planned, operated, and evaluated by & for the mental health consumer. Consumer Operated Services
What does ACT stand for? Assertive Community Treatment
What does PACT stand for? Programs for Assertive Community Treatment
What does ACT or PACT provide? Community-based treatment, rehabilitation, & support services, 24hrs/365days, by a multidisciplinary team.
Has barriers that create helplessness & dependency. Disabling Environment
An environment that actively supports the client's choice & decision making regarding recover. Enabling Environment
The notion that the helper and helpee both gain throught the support experience. "Helper-therapy principle"
An employee or staff member at a traditional MH center who has a history of living with mental illness. Consumer-Provider
They provide services to other consumers via COSs & the traditional MH system. Consumer-Provider
Hourly wage needed in order to spend no more than 30% of your income on housing costs. Living wage
Created by: krck_ota2014
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