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Arnold Networking 2

Shapes of a network

What are the four shapes of networks we have discussed in class? star, mesh, bus and ring
What si the function of the terminator in a bus network? to absorb the signals and keep them from bouncing back along the trunk
What does collision mean in terms of network data travel? When data runs into each other
What is a single bounce? This is caused by a signal that continues to bounce back and forth along the cable, keeping other nodes from using the line.
What is a node? a single computer
In which type of network must the nodes wait for the lines to be free before they can send data? Bus
What is topology? The way computers are cabled together
Which type of network requires the LEAST amount of cable? Bus
In which type of network does a break in the cable mean that the whole network goes down? Bus
Which type of network is like an octopus with arms going out from a central location? Star
In a star network the device i the middle is called a _____. Hub
What connects the nodes and makes the 'arms' in a star network? Hub
In the _________ network, if the central hub goes down then ALL things shut down. star
In which network are problems easiest to find? star
In a ring network the nodes form a _______. circle
In a ________ network, data travels from node to node. ring
What type of network do we have in Bleckley County? Star
What network has cables connecting each computer to every other computer by a seperate cable? Mesh
Which network provides redundant or backup paths? mesh
Created by: cathiearnold