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Google Others

Cubangbang's Google Others study Stack

After enabling the 'Inserting images' lab, when you insert an image into an email it will also be attached to the email true
In the classroom Google Moderator can be utilized to allow students to all of the above
In Google Apps for Education questions to a Moderator Series may not be submitted anonymously false
A moderator page is called a series
This URL http://contacts.google.com/a/myschool.org (where "myschool.org" is your domain.) would take you to the ___ for your school. Standalone Contact Manager
An administrator must activate the Google Standalone Contact Manager to enable users to save and add contacts true
If a group allowed members from outside the domain and then change settings to not allow members from outside the domain. external addresses already added to users' groups remain in those groups
There is an Apps Mail feature that will detect when you mention attachments but neglect to attach a file to the email true
Clicking an event in the calendar gadget in Google Apps mail will: Display even details
The Preview labs for Yelp, Maps, etc. allow users to display preview images or information from email links
Upon creating a new Moderator series you are automatically prompted to add a new topic
The Apps Mail Lab called "Quick Links" allows users to B and C
With the Google Standalone Contact Manager users may do the following for their contacts: All of the above
Google Moderator is not included in the Google Apps for Education automatically and must be added by an administrator true
When viewing questions in a Moderator topic the 'Skip' button will jump to the next topic
To access the presentation view in Google Moderator, click "Presentation View" next to the "Popular Ideas" link on a topic
Before adding the Standalone Contact Manager in Google Apps, administrators must go to Domain Settings and select which Control Panel: Next Generation
Preview labs in your Apps mail messages may be turned on for all of the above
Google Moderator is a different than Google Forms in that participants can submit ideas for the group to view and vote upon
Google Moderator permits any user in the domain to all of the above
Google Video for Education Edition is All of the above
This image shows information about a video. This video is: Viewable only by 4 people
Google Moderator allows users to set pages so that they can be A and C
Automatic site navigation is set up in the ___ ___ settings site layout
Only Apps domain super administrators have automatic access to all the created Google Sites in an apps domain and have the rights to delete and edit sites all sites within that domain true
To make changes that impact your entire site, go to The More menu and select Manage site
You can control who has access to your site true
You can configure the search box in Google Sites to use a Custom Search Engine or search specific sites. true
You can edit the sidebar navigation from the Edit Side bar link in the sidebar or by clicking Manage Site and the Site Layout. True
It is not possible to embed a video store within Google Docs in a Google Sites page. True
You can decide to choose betwen two modes ___ and ___ when embedding a Google Spreadsheet chart in a Google Sites page. Live, Snapshot
You can include multiple calendars in one gadget using the Google Calendar gadget in Google Site. True
Which of the following gadget is least likely to be considered an educational gadget weather
Every time a Moderator series or topic is edited the URL for that series or topic will change false
Use the parts below to string together the correct URL order to embed a Moderator page on a website 1) 15/e=308fb 2)http://sites.google.com/a/myschool.org/ms-smith# 3) http://moderator.myschool.org/?embed 3,2,1
Users making comments on videos in google Video for Education are able to leave comments anonymously. false
Contact Manager in Google Apps can be added to your domain by going to Add more services
Each new Moderator series you create has a unique URL that can be bookmarked, linked to or embedded in websites and emails true
In Google Moderator, when a question or idea is flagged as inappropriate by three or more users it is removed from the topic series false
By clicking on the Gear icon and then Labs, this will take any user to the Labs tab under Mail Settings
Videos uploaded to your domain in Google Video for Education may be shared with anyone in the world false
Videos up to 1 GB in size may be uploaded to Google Video for Education false
IN Google Moderator, when a question is flagged as inappropriate it will have a notification that it has been flagged
To use Google Moderator, the "Next Generation" control panel must be turned on by the domain administrator true
This icon appears after adding which lab? insert image
In Apps Mail settings,the Labs tab must be turned on by an administrator
An owner or creator can edit a Moderator topic by clicking on the topic in the left side of the page true
The 'Send & Archive' Lab allows you to archive the original message a you send a reply true
Google labs allow users to add additional functionality to their Google Apps Mail account True
The owner of a series is unable to post comments, questions, or responses about a topic false
It's possible to use the calendar gadget in Google Apps Mail to add events to your calendar false
Google Video for Education accepts many file types for uploading except for .swf
Someone with view access to a video in Google Video for education cannot change the title or description true
Google Moderator was developed by a Google Engineer Intern's 20% time true
Selecting Options and then Edit Visible Calendars in the calendar gadget in Google Apps Mail will allow you to select which calendars to view in the calendar gadget
Google Moderator can be set to make it possible for participants to submit anonymous questions true
How much space does Google Video for Education provide 10 GB
Is it possible to purchase additional space for Google Video for Education False
It is possible to change the email address of a Group true
Any user with a regular Gmail account (i.e. the parent of a child in your school.) may vote on Moderator topics in your school domain false
Google Video for Education is limited to this number of video uploaders 100 users
The image above illustrates a user voting for a question in Google Moderator
After you enable Google Groups for Business service, your users can access their "My Groups" page and your Groups directory to manage their group memberships and view group discussion archives
Domain administrators cannot adjust the sharing settings of videos on the school Apps domain false
Google Video for Education is enabled in the control panel by adding video under the "Service Settings" (assuming the Next Generation Control Panel has been enabled) false
If you enable the Google Groups for Business service, your users can optionally create their own groups True
Group owners can allow members from outside the domain to be part of a group but have the option to not allow them to send an email to the group true
which step is not part of submitting a question to a moderator topic vote for your question
Users may only add gadgets in the Apps Mail Labs list true
To make a custom page template an option when creating new pages, select the checkbox next to the template and: Click on Create Page Template
___ permissions allow you to set different levels of access for different people on different pages page-level
a site theme impacts page layout and font types and sizes
When using a list page type, you must choose from preset list properties and cannot create a customized list false
inserting an image includes several options except all the above are options
There are other video gadgets available under the insert menu which will allow videos from other sites (besides YouTube and Google Video) to be embedded into a Google Site true
When using Google sites on your domain the maximum attachment size is ___ and the number of pages per site is ___. 20Mb, unlimited
It is possible to reorganize the pages added to the sidebar navigation true
It is possible to blacklist a gadget from Google Sites true
After embedding a Google Doc into a Google Site, it is necessary to edit the site again in order for new changes in the document to appear on the site. false
Which of the following can be done using a Google site: personalize site theme, background, colors, and logos; add navigation menus and sitemaps; let collaborators add files or comments to pages
Categories allow you to group related sites and make them accessible together within the popular categories list. Categories are deemed popular when they contain more than three sites false
you can set specific viewing options for individual pages in your site true
by setting an individual's rights to "Can View" access to a site, he/she can upload page attachments false
on an announcement page, posts are listed chronologically from oldest at the top to newest at the bottom false
It is possible to select who can view and/or edit your site true
An embedded Google Calendar into a Google Site is limited to one size on a Google Site false
Which of the following are all the sharing options for Google Sites Viewers, editors, and owners
It is possible to share only some pages within a site with other users of your domain true
The announcement page is a page that lists ___ posts
You can add a number of items to a Google Sites page using the Insert menu. Which of the following ites is not an option Google Earth KML file
In order to customize which gadgets are allowed to be used in Google sites, an apps administrator need to use ___ Feed Server Client Tool (FSCT)
Which of the following is not an item that can be embedded into a google site page a Word document
What are the two ways to include a page in your custom navigation? page settings and site layout
if you would like to add a horizontal navigation bar to your site go to Site layout> Change site layout and check the box next to Horizontal navigation bar. false
Which of the following are not options when creating a new Google site Selecting a site name that is the same as another site
below are different page types you can create in google Sites except Photo page
It is possible to add sub-menu navigation links to the sidebar true
A Google site can have multiple authors making it like a "wiki" true
An individual with edit access to a site has the ability to delete the site false
once a page has been created, if you want it to change its location, select: More > Move page
Only the creator of a custom page template can use it for new pages in a Google Sites False
You can embed a form into a page in Google Sites true
With site-level permissions, you could allow all your students to see one set of pages, allow your co-workers to edit another set of pages, and then keep yet another set of pages private only to yourself false
all of the following are advantages of a start page as a portal in a Google Site except all of the above are advantages, however, if it is not necessary to have your visitor customize content, using a standard web page might be best
___ permissions are turned on from this page ____ page level, sharing and permissions
When sharing a site with the world all of the following are true except Parents or guardians of students with domain accounts must log in to view the site
After clicking on "Browse Sites" the page will show: a list of email categories
A custom ___ lets you save the layout and content of a webpage to use for future pages in your site page template
which of the following is not a change you can make in your page settings show revision history dates
Choose a different webpage layout, such as 2 columns, from this menu when editing the page: layout
Anyone can set up web address mapping in Google Apps false
a file cabinet page allows you to ___ and ___ documents on your site. upload, manage
When a Google Form is embedded into a Google Site, any changes to the Google form will not appear in the form on the Google Site false
To change the default logo in the header of your site: upload an image from your computer
to see all the pages in your Google site, click on More, Manage Site, and then Pages. The sites will first come up in a ___ view or you can switch it to a ___ view. Tree, list
Placing gadgets into your Google site is done from the ___ menu while editing your site. insert
All of the following are gadget categories in the Google Sites gadget directory EXCEPT: Games
Once activated, page-level permissions cannot be turned off. false
all of these options can be customized in the Google Sites layout settings except: page wrapper background image
Created by: ajette