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Systems Analysis Ch1

Chapter 1

A system is... A group of interrelated components that function together to achieve a desired result.
What are the 7 types of Information System? TPS, MIS, DSS, EIS, Expert Systems, Communication and Collaboration and Office Automation.
How many stakeholder groups are there? 5
System Owners then to be interested in (blank) The bottom line - cost
System Users are typically focused on getting the job done. As such they should be most interactive in the business requirements, as opposed to the (blank) Technical requirements
The Systems (blank) are most focused on the technical requirements. Designers
The Systems (blank) construct the system. Builders
This key systems role has overlap in each of the various stakeholder roles. Systems Analysts
The (blank) comes from one of the stakeholder roles and is responsible for ensuring that systems are developed on time, within budget and are of restaurant quality. The Project Manager
The three types of e-commerce are... Marketing, B2C and B2B
Raw Data is processed to produce information. Information is refined by people to produce (blank). Knowledge
The four steps of System Development are: System Initiation, System Analysis, System Design and System Implementation.
(Blank) is an information system that provides for management-oriented reporting based on transaction processing and operations of the organization. Management Information System
What 3 things trigger change? Problems, Opportunities and Directives
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