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Chap. 1: Ethics/Law

Understanding Business & Personal Law: Chapter 1 - Ethics and the Law

Vocab TermDefinition
morality the values that govern a society's attitude towards right and wrong
ethics the means for determining what a society's values ought to be
honesty being open and truthful in dealings with others
justice treating everyone fairly and equally
compassion being sympathetic to the difficulties of others and wanting to alleviate their problems
integrity willing to do the right thing regardless of personal consequences
law the system of rules of conduct established by the government of a society to maintain stability and justice
constitution document that spells out the principles by which the government operates
common law English result of judges sharing their decisions with other judges and making every effort to share the same law "in common" with everyone else throughout the country
precedent doctrine under which a judge is required to follow an earlier court decision when deciding a case with similar circumstances
stare decisis let the decision stand
statutes laws specifically passed by a governing body that has been created for the purpose of making laws
legislature a body of lawmakers; e.g. Congress
unconstitutional invalid
administrative law law consisting of the rules and procedures established by regulatory agencies
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