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Google Mail

Cubangbang's Google Mail study Stack

Offline mail is still in the early experimental stage, so you may experience kinks in this feature. false
Google Apps for Education allows schools/districts to brand their Apps Mail inbox using custom logos? true
A group that is set up by individual users in Apps Mail is called: mail contact group
If you ____ a message in your inbox in your IMAP client, it will apply a _____ to the message in Gmail on the web. flag; star
In order to have email addresses autocomplete in the To: field of Apps Mail, you must first manually input them as a Contact. false
Setting up Mail Fetcher is easy and free, but the email accounts you'd like to fetch from must support _____ POP access
If you need to have a hard copy of your contact information, the best solution is to: click the mail dropdown menu on the left side of any Apps mail page and then click the More button and select Print
Apps Mail search does NOT recognize which of the following special search characters: parentheses
to send a message to any of the contact groups you created, or the default contact groups you can both of the above
My Contacts is used to: organize all of your contacts
in Apps mail, you can also store more information than just a name and email adress, you can include title, phone numbers, addresses, instant messenger accounts, websites, and even birthdays. You can add custom fields for "Parent's Names" or "Grad Year" true
You can block contacts from chatting with you, but do so with caution as this action cannot be undone. false
Apps mail's auto-show feature automatically selects the people who appear in Chat based on the people you already communicate with most often. true
If you can't remember the email address of name of a contact and autocomplete is not helping, you can find them by searching for: all of the above
to disable Mail Fetcher: In Gmail, go to Mail Settings, click on the Accounts tab, find the Send mail as section and click delete next to the account you wish to disable
When you create a task in Calender, the task will be added to your ___ task list at the time and will also add an entry on your calendar. default
If you are searching Apps Mail for a message to Dana or Mark, which of the following Advanced Search operators would work best? to:dano OR to:mark
Priority Inbox is an Apps Mail feature that automatically helps you focus on your most important messages by splitting your inbox into different sections. Which of the following is one of the sections that can be included in your Priority Inbox "starred"
Vacation auto-responders can not be set up from the mobile web version of Gmail true
Gmail will deliver a read receipt to the sender if you open the message using a POP1 client or a Google Apps Sync client False
___ is configured with each user's email account (rather than in the Google Apps control panel) and allows your users to retrieve mail from both Gmail and non-Gmail accounts Google Mail's mail Fetcher
Apps Mail enables individual user to use IMAP mail migration to upgrade to Google's email without losing existing mail. true
__lets you migrate Microsoft Exchange email, calendar events (including recurring meetings), and contact information to Google Apps, and continue to use Outlook as your client application Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook
Apps Mail provides a chat feature true
before you can chat with someone in Apps mail (besides the automatic contacts Apps mail lists), you'll need to invite them
___ is part of Apps Mail designed to help you keep track of the things you need to do, without even leaving your inbox tasks
To find specific Contact information without printing, you can perform a search in your browser ('Ctrl + F' on a PC or 'Command + F' on a Mac) for the contact information you're looking for true
When reviewing your inbox messages, you will notice a list of contacts and a parenthesis number. the number in the parenthesis corresponds with: how many messages (or replies) are in the conversation
You can create a task from an email in your inbox by selecting the email message, clicking on the More button and selecting 'Add to Tasks'
In Apps Mail, Most Contacted includes the ___ addresses you use most frequently. Apps mail automatically updates this list for quick and easy reference 20
The 'Archive' feature in Apps Mail moves messages out of your inbox and into your ALL MAIL label without deleting anything true
Apps mail will not allow you to send ".exe" files true
To view all of your completed tasks: Go to the 'Actions' menu and select 'view Completed Tasks.'
The Tasks calendar in your Google Apps Calendar allows you to ___ while in your calendar all of the above
One nice feature of IMAP mail migration is that it allows admins to migrate mail before, after, or during a user's transition to using Google Apps Mail true
A disadvantage of adding Google gadgets to Apps Mail is that gadgets may make the mail page load more slowly
in the classroom Google Moderator can be utilized to allow students to all of the above
Filters let you tell Apps Mail how to handle your email based on all of the following criteria EXCEPT when the message was sent
You can create an unlimited number of filters, but only ___ filters can forward messages to other addresses 20
If your've disabled Chat history saving, there will be no record of your chat unless people you chat with save their chat histories and you are not using "Off the record"
With mail delegation, another person can only read and send messages on your behalf, but cannot delete them false
search Autocomplete does not include the use of advanced search operators false
Chat lets you send and receive instant messages with teachers, students, other people at your school/district right in your inbox true
When you remove a contact from a contact group, you are also removing the contact from your Contacts list False
To open your task list in Apps mail click the dropdown arrow next to Mail in the left side of Apps Mail and select Tasks
Apps mail can forward all the mail coming into your school Apps mail account to another email address true
If you are composing a message in Apps Mail and you do not see Formatting Option icons, you should click on Rich formatting >> while you are composing your message
The best way to print an entire email conversation - including all messages within the conversation - is to open the conversation you want to print and click the Print all button on the right side of the screen.
Apps mail users can categorize email messages by using all of the above
If you no longer want to grant somebody else access to your Apps Mail account, you should: In the "Grant access to your account" section, click delete on any account you want to remove
The following statements are true about archiving Apps Mail messages EXCEPT a message is moved to Trash after not being viewed within 365 days
Once you turn on Offline mail, Gmail uses ___ to download cache of your mail gears
To rename a Task list: click Tasks in the left side of Apps mail, click the list button icon, select the list and select "Rename list"
Vacation responder in your Apps Mail settings will automatically reply to anyone who emails you. If that person contacts you again after ___ days and your vacation responder is still on, Apps mail will send another vacation response to remind the person t 4
You will not be allowed to change the name of any of the default Contact groups in Apps Mail including: My Contacts, Friends, Family, Co-workers, and Most Contacted true
You can add forwarding to an existing filter or when you create a new filter. true
You can add forwarding to an existing filter or when you create a new filter true
Emoticons are all of the following EXCEPT: The German word for emotion
With Superstars in Apps Mail, a user can access up to ___ star icons. 12
Group chat allows you to chat with ___ other people at the same time. there is no limit on the number of people you can chat with
To start using voice and video in Apps Mail, your administrator will need to turn it on and then you will need to: Download the Gmail voice and video chat plug-in
If you are composing a message in Apps Mail's Offline mode, clicking send will: Go to your Outbox and will be sent automatically next time you connect and sync
By default, Apps Mail creates all of the following labels except: Archived
Created by: ajette
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