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Google Calendar

Cubangbang's Google Calendar study Stack

There is no limit to how many people you can invite to a calendar event. False
Which features are available while accessing a Google calendar Offline using offline Google calendar. View event details
To set full sharing to your calendar for only the amount at your school: Set it to "share this calendar with everyone in the domain myschool.org".
The default calendar view opens up as the _____ view. Month
To cancel a reminder for a single calendar event: While editing your event details, click "X" next to the notification to remove it.
By default, the guest list on a calendar entry is set to be visible. True
In calendar, the Quick Add link lets you: Type a sentence to create a calendar event.
It is not a possible to delete or remove all Notifications for all calendar entries. False
You can edit your event titles directly from the event bubble. True
It is possible to view another person's calendar from your school (assuming they have Google Apps Account). True
When you are first invited to an event, the event will appear in your calendar with a _________ _______. New Icon
To make one of your calendars completely private (not viewable to anyone besides yourself), which calendar settings need to be deselected? A and B
Custom calendar gadgets can be added to a Google site using the embed code gadget. True
To add another person's calendar to your Other Calendars list: Type in their email address at the top of the Other Calendars list.
When RSVPing to a Google Calendar event it is not possible to add a note with your RSVP. False
Using Quick Add it is possible to create recurring events. True
As a Google Apps user, if the calendar labs tab is not visible, a domain administrator needs to enable it. True
It is possible to share a Google calendar with a Google Group. True
On a mobile device, you can only view your calendar using a mobile web browser. True
Using the ______ _____ you can quickly customize the view of your calendar to a few days or weeks at a time. Display Settings
You cannot change the default view of your calendar. False
You can setup and display more than one custom view at the same time. False
Once Calendar Labs is enabled by the domain administrator, all labs are turned on. False
When embedding a Google Calendar into a Google Site, which of the following can be customized? Default View, Language, Border/Background Color
Agenda view is a way to view all your events grouped by day. True
Inviting others to events in your calendar shares your entire calendar with all invitees. False
The different ways to view your calendar offline include: Google Calendar app for Google chrome
You can quickly and easily create a calendar event by right-clicking on the date and time and following the prompts. False
Week view must always start on Sunday. False.
If a guest using another mail program (Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) receives a Google Calendar invite, they need to do the following to have their RSVP appear in Google Calendar: Click on the appropriate RSVP link within the body of the email (Yes, NO, or Maybe).
It is possible to view free/busy information for people with Google Apps Accounts when scheduling events. true
Which of the following is not a Google Calendar shortcut. "y" for going to year view
In order to attach a Google Document link into your calendar event, you need to: Enable the Event Attachment feature in your Google Calendar Lab.
Only the event creator can invite guests to a calendar events. False
Another way to set your calendar sharing options is by clicking on ______ under your My Calendar list. Settings
Guests can add a note to their invite response. True
How do you invite guests to a calendar event? Click the event and edit the event details, then enter the email addresses in the Add guests section.
To edit a reminder: Click on a calendar entry,click edit event details, in the options sections edit the reminder.
To have your Apps Google Calendar information available on your mobile phone's native calendar application use the following A and C
To remove an individual from viewing your calendar. Click on the down arrow nest to the calendar, select Share this calendar, and click the trash icon next to the email address you'd like to remove
When clicking on the Agenda View your will see: A list of events with name and sstart and end times.
If invited guests use iCal, they have the ability to download the iCal attachment from the Google Calendar invitation. True
Which of the following is not a way to view and access your calendar from a mobile phone. Email application
If the guest list for a calendar invite is set to be visible, where can you see all invitees? All of the above.
It is possible to create a single event that has multiple start and end times. False
The only ways to receive even reminders are through SMS messages and emails False
In order to add events reminders to all events in a calendar: Select the calendar on the left-hand side, click the drop down arrow, and select "Notifications."
In the calendar settings, in order to share a public Google Calendar wia a link for anyone to view select: URL in 'Calendar ID'
Anyone can create a new resource for your domain in Calendar for Google Apps. False
Three standard views in your Google Calendar are: Day, Week, Month
With multiple calendars, to create an event on one of the calendars: A and C
You can set up an Appointment Slot when you're viewing Calendar in _______view or any ______view Week, Day
What is one way to creat a mult-day calendar event? All of the above
It is possibel to save a Google Calenar as a pdf file from the print settings window. True
Once an invited guest receives and responds to an invite, they cannot change their RSVP. False
Public calendars that are available to add are: All of the above
Once a class calendar has been shared, which of the following ways can it be accessed? All of the above
You can invite guest to a single event on a calendar without sharing the entire calendar. True
Created by: kayjay670