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Google Admin

Cubangbang's Google Admin Study Stack

The Google Apps for Education implementation is limited to just 1 administrator. False
Groups can be used to Send email to multiple people, share videos, share sites.
Google Apps for Education customers receive __GB for Google Video for the entire domain while Premier Edition users get __ GB. 10GB, 3GB
The admin control panel provides the ability to create customized URLs to more easily direct users to your sites. True
Google Apps Education Edition is a suite of hosted ____ and ____ applications. Communication, collaboratoin
Google Video for Education is a series of educational videos created, produced, and published by Google. False
Groups can be made up of multiple groups. True
Google Apps for Education administrators are able to access a wide range of APIs to integrate Google Apps intro their IT system. True
How many users may upload to Google Video for Education within your domain? All Users
Gmail for Google Apps for Education supports which of the following: POP, IMAP, Blackberry support/ IPhone support
Any user can disable services for themselves in your school implementation of Google Apps for Education. False
You can access the product settings for your domain in the administrative control panel True
New members added to a Group in Google Apps,____all the group's shared sites, videos, and calendars. automatically are added to
With Google Apps for Education, Mail users can, by default. B and C
The Google Apps Marketplace allows additional services to be added to your domain. True
The Service Settings in the Google Apps control panel allows administrators to customize settings for Google Apps for Education. True
Google Apps Marketplace services are: Both A and B
Google offers a free email archiving solution to Google Apps Education customers. False
With Google Sites users can publish: all of the above
Google Apps for Education can be integrated with: A and B
Domain administrators can control if all documents, calendars, and sites created in Google Apps for Education can be shared with: All of the above
Schools can setup Google Apps for Education accounts for students under the age of 13. True
With Google Calendar users have the capability to share events and calendars with anyone in the world True
Google Apps for Education Edition is free of Charge to schools. True
Which of the following may be shared with users outside your Google Apps for Education domain? all of the above
You can configure an attachment compliance setting to look for matches based on specific file types True
______policies(or settings) are email filters based on predefined sets of words, phrases, text patters, or numerical patterns. Content Compliance
Objectionable Content policies apply to all users in an organization. True
Google Video provides uses______and_______video sharing. secure, private
Google Apps for Education Gmail service allows users to send external emails_____recipients per day. 2000
Google Apps for Education accounts do not allow access to which of the following apps. Google Apps for Education accounts now allow access to all of these apps
Which Google Apps for Education service makes sharing documents, sites, and calendars easier? Groups
Google Docs includes which service: All of the above
It is possible to delete multiple Google Groups in the control panels. True
Google provides schools with a hard copy of COPPA to distribute to students. False
Google Apps for Education provides administrators with analytic tools on domain usage. True
The_______list enables you to create your own list of objectionable words. Custom objectionable words
Administrators may access the ability to turn off any product in the Google Apps admin console by clicking: Settings
"Off the Record" chats are not recorded and administrators are unable to access these chat records. True
Some people that can be added to your domain include: All of the above
Google Apps for Education Groups serve as a_______list that can be set up by administrators for the entire domain. mailing
Which of the following may bot be shared with users outside your Google Apps for Education domain? Video
Google Apps for Education customers are entitled to a _________percents uptime with email and phone support. 99.9
If you Google Apps for Education domain is ABCDistrict.org your Google Apps Education users accounts would end with: @ABCDistrict.org
_______is a webmail service to send and receive email. Google Mail
Google Talk provides you free voicemail services. True
Groups can be used to set sharing privileges to sites, videos, and docs. True
Using Google Apps for Education enables schools to avoid: All of the above
Gmail must be turned on for your domain to use Google Groups for quickly adding group users to a site or document. False
_________policies are email filters based on words lists that you create in the Google Apps control panel. Objectionable Content
Google______in Google Apps provides website creation with video, image document integration, and more. Sites
Google Lab services are fully supported by Google in Google Apps for Education. False
The_________setting enables you to block or approve specific senders based on teh email address or domain. Blocked senders
Google Apps for Education does not provide free customer support and administrative tools. True
The following Google Apps for Education products cannot be turned off for your domain: All products can be turned off.
Administrators can create customized URLs for Google Apps for Education in the admin console by accessing service settings. True
Google_________is/are a simple way to send email or share documents, calendars, or site to______of users in your domain. Groups, groups
Google Calendar allow users to share calendars True
Created by: kayjay670