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Preparation for English Lit Quiz on Wordsworth/Romantic Age

Identify five pre-Romantics of the late eighteenth century. William Cowper, Thomas Gray, Oliver Goldsmith, William Blake, Robert Burns
List three movements that had a tremendous effect on the creative activity of the Romantic Age. Industrial Revolution, French Revolution, Wesleyan Revivals
What phenomenon made England the wealthiest country in Europe? Industrial Revolution
Which nation was known as the Workshop of the World? England
Who advocated the economic policy known as free enterprise? Adam Smith
Name the three British monarchs during the first third of the nineteenth century. George III, George IV, William IV
Name three outstanding prime ministers of the Romantic Age. William Pitt, the Younter; the Duke of Wellington; and Robert Peel
Which general defeated Napoleon at Waterloo? Duke of Wellington
Who founded the London police force? Robert Peel
Which statesman warned against sympathy with France during the French Revolution? Edmund Burke
Under which prime minister was the United Kingdom or Great Britain and Ireland formed? William Pitt
Who was England's greatest naval hero? Lord Nelson
What saved England from a revolution like the one suffered in France? the preaching of John Wesley
Which evangelical committed himself to the ending of the slave trade? William Wilberforce
Name the group of Christian men that included members of Parliament and prominent businessmen. Clapham Sect
Which Christian earl was known for his efforts to help children and the mentally ill? Lord Ashley, earl of Shaftsbury
Who was the first Protestant missionary to China? Robert Morrison
Which man possessed the greatest mind of the Romantic Movement? Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Which essay was developed during the Romantic Age? familiar essay
Name three types of novels produced during the Romantic Age. Gothic, historical, novel of manners
Which author perfected the novel of manners? Jane Austen
What is the false idea that God is not separate from nature but that nature is God? pantheism
Name the three Lake Poets. William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Robert Southey
What French Romantic writer influenced the views of many of the Romantics? Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Who was the greatest English poet since Milton? William Wordsworth
What was one of the most important pieces of English literary criticism? Preface to Lyrical Ballads, by William Wordsworth
Who was the world's supreme poet of nature? William Wordsworth
Who appointed Wordsworth poet laureate? Queen Victoria
What is the term for poems characterized by sober meditations on death? elegaic poems
What is the name for a poem of fourteen lines with a fixed rhyme scheme? sonnet
Name the term that is defined as "the view which holds that there is a personal God Who is Creator and Ruler of the world"? theism
Name the term that is defined as the view that "God created the universe" and "left it alone to run ... like a machine." deism
Whom did Wordsworth memorialize in his elegaic poems? Lucy
From what source did Wordsworth gain his comfort and joy? Nature
In "This World is Too Much With Us," over what does Wordsworth express grief? materialism
What form of poetry did Wordsworth call "an egregiously absurd form of composition"? sonnet
In his lifetime, Wordsworth composed 500 of these types of poems: sonnets
Whom did Wordsworth consider to be his poetic mentor? John Milton
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