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Google Docs

Cubangbang's Google Docs study Stack

When you create new doc, you are automatically the owner. True
Forms allow you to set the frequency of notifications for form responses. Which of the following is not an option? weekly digest
Once you submit a template to your domain's gallery, you cannot make changes or delete the template. False
Google Docs allows you to save any document, spread sheet, presentation, drawing, or form as a template for others to use. True
To share from your mobile docs list, select one or more documents, press the ______ button. Share
Unlike Docs, Spreadsheets and presentations, it is not possible to have multiple editors in a drawing Google Docs. False
You can use the _______ to copy and paste from one presentation to another. web clipboard
Which of the following is not a chart type available by default in a Google Docs spreadsheets? Gantt chart
In the docs lists, type ___ when you're not in the search bar. and a window appear showing all available shortcuts. ?
Formatting rules in spreadsheets allow you to change the color of text or background of a cell based upon a value. True
Images can be added directly to a Document by ________ from the desktop. Drag and drop
You can apply formatting or conditional formatting rules you've used on one set of spreadsheet cells to another separate set of cells using the _______ tools. Paint Format
You can send an email to the collaborators on a a document by going to: File>Email collaborators
If you are creating a form with your school Apps account, you can also choose to record the email addresses of members of your Apps domain who fill out your form. True
when you are using Apps mail, Google will automatically detect supported file types for your attachments and offer an option to open the attachment using Google Docs, either as a Google document, spreadsheet, or presentation. True
Speaker notes are not allowed in presentations in Google Docs. False
In Drawings, _______ are continuous lines composed of multiple segments. polylines
To save a copy of a presentation to your computer, you can download it as a file. which of the following is not a file option? GIF
To see who has edit or view access to your document at any time, simply click the __________ button in the top right corner of the doc. share
If you have a specific end date or time in mind for accepting responses- as you might for an application or assignment- you can set the end date/time True
Google Docs offers users the following tools, except ______ Audio editing
Key compatibility advantages of Google Docs includes all, but the following: Ability to convert Wordperfect files into Google Docs
In Google Forms, if you select the option "Allow users to edit responses", users can modify their responses as many times as they like. True
Google Docs will send you notification of any changes that you make to the spreadsheet. False
Which of the following web browsers does not currently support drag and drop upload from the desktop to a collection in Google Docs? Internet Explorer
To add a doc to a collection, you can do the following: Drag the doc from your Docs list to the collection. Select one or more items and select the Organize button. Check off the collections where you want to store items and click apply changes.
At this time, it is not possible to create a new presentation in Google Docs on your smartphone. True
Templates can be submitted to your domain's template gallery from several locations. From within a Collection
Google presentation Includes a number of transition choices between slides. True
There is no limit to the number of people that can edit a spreadsheet at the same time. False
Which of the following is not a category option for a pivot table in Google Spreadsheets Data
Upon form submission, responses are collected and displayed immediately in a corresponding Google Docs spreadsheet. True
You can explicitly share a doc or file with 300 viewers and editors (combined). False
Which of the following statements about spreadsheets gadgets is not true. Gadgets cannot be published for public view.
When you copy and paste slides into a different presentation, the newly pasted slides will keep the theme of the original presentation. false
There are the three ways to open the Animation pane. which of the following is not an option? Right Click on a selected and select animate
There are the three ways to open the Animation pane. Which of the following is not an option? Select a shape. Then, go to the insert menu and select Animations. The Animations pane will appear on the right side of your screen.
________ lets you convert images with text into text documents using automated computer algorithms. Optical character Recognition (OCR)
In Presentation, you can add a comment to which of the following: A table, an image embedded in your Google presentation, a section of text
offline access to Google Docs is available from any web browser: False
In Google Docs, people who can edit your document will also be able to share it with additional people unless you change the default settings. True
The maximum number of sheets a Google Spreadsheet workbook can contain is. 100 sheets
What is the name of the correct spreadsheet function for translating text from and into one of over 40 languages using Google Translate. Google Translate
Comment in spreadsheets only edited or deleted by the owner of a spreadsheet. False
Which of the following is not a method for freezing rows in a spreadsheet? Hiding the adjacent columns
Users have the ability to export Google Docs to a PDF. True
When uploading a folder with subfolders into Google Docs, the subfolder structure will not be maintained. False
Click the button next to this option if you'd like the pivot table report to update continuously as you make changes: Update table on each change
The following statements about publishing Google Docs are true, except for the following: It's not necessary to publish documents in order to embed them on blogs or other websites and have them veiwable by anyone.
There are three ways to use text in Google Drawings. Which of the following is not one of those ways? Add text using speech-to-text
If other people are editing a document simultaneously with you, you'll not be able to see their edits in real time. False
Once an animation is listed in the Animations pane, you can drag an animation up or down to change the order in which shapes appear or disappear on the screen True
Google Spreadsheets can be exported to the following formats .csv
If you add someone to a comment who doesn't have viewing or editing rights to the presentation, they will not receive a comment notification in their email inbox. True
Which of the following is not a data type a spreadsheet cell may be? Kcals
Which of the following is not a methods for creating a new form? In a existing spreadsheet, click the Edit DROP-DOWN menu and select CREATE A FORM
You must install the Google Docs app in Chrome before you can use Offline Docs. False
When uploading an image for your computer into Drawings, what is the maximum file size? 2 MB
Google Docs can be accessed at a custom URL for your school. This needs to be set by the domain administrator. True
Simply hit the______keys to create a new text document in your Docs List. Shift+T
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