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Ch13 wkbk

Questions from the wkbk

what type of examination is necessary to identify an atelectasis (collapsed lung)? pre-operative plain x-ray
what are the steries that can be used to insert a Swan-Ganz pulmonary artery catheter? rt. atrium, lt. ventricle, pulmonary artery
during a portable x-ray of the surgical site, what is the duty of the surgical tech in the scrub role? protect the sterile field from contamination
what is the advantage of fluoroscopy? images may be viewed in real time
name four intraoperative applications for fluoroscopy angiography cholangiography retrograde urography verification of catheter placement
what type of radiography can be used to visualize the structures of the biliary tract? cholangiography
why is contrast media used to outline calculi or other obstructions
a bone scan is an example of what type of scan isotope scanning
which scan would be more useful in visualizing the soft tissue of the spinal cord MRI
what is the one condition that a metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) scan is useful in diagnosing it is designed to detect and locate pheochromocytoma
real time manipulation of fractures fluoroscopy
AP view with cassette in OR portable x-ray
highlights chemical brain activity PET scan
Needle localization breast biopsy mammography
multidirectional soft tissue imaging MRI
useful to diagnose adrenal glan tumors MBIG scan
detects cerebral bleeding faster CT scan
useful during cardiac valve surgery echocardiography
clearly outlines vertebral bone structure myelography
used for planning prior to endarterectomy angiography
bullet-preserve markings gloved handling only
fluid aspirated for examination aspiration biopsy
smear slide requiring fixative brush biopsy
most common preservtive for permanent formalin
prevents desiccation (drying out) saline
study of tissue histology
orientation to check margins suture marker
no preservative-sent dry calculi
excised tissue for frozen section or permanent incisional biopsy
study of cells cytology
normal range for hematocrit (male) 40-52% (.40-.52)
normal range for hematocrit (female) 35-46% (.35-.46)
normal range for WBC 5,000-10,000/mm3
normal range for hemoglobin (female) 11.5-15.5
normal range for RBC (female) 3.5-5x10
normal range for oxygen saturated (ABG) 96-100% capacity
normal range for pH of blood (ABG) 7.38-7.44
what is the purpose of performing a gram stain identifing bacteria
useful to detect diabetic vessel abnormalities plethysmography DVT
end tidal levels of carbon dioxide spirometry
24-hour monitoring of ECG holtor monitor
noninvasive measurement of oxygen pulse oximetry
display brain activity EEG
useful in OR to detect blood flow doppler sonography
useful to detect lung capacity spirometry
display skeletal muscle activity EMG
useful to diagnose DVT plethysmography DVT
view internal structures endoscopy
Created by: E.Ochoa
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