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honiczak into wild 2

chris reminds this person of his or her son Jan Burres
Krakauer's own quest climb the devil's thumb
Chris's mom billie mccandless
recipient of Chris's money Oxfam, charity fighting hunger
electrician who gives Chris work boots Gallien
adventurer who drowned Ruess
mentally ill climber with experience John Waterman
Chris's fatal mistake eating the moldy seeds
chris referred to himself as alexander supertramp
trapped chris at his camp site the flooding river or not having a map
ironic conclusion happiness only real when shared
taught chris leather working Franz
chris's biggest tragedy killing the moose
used for drug deals yellow datsun
trail where the bus was found the stampede trail
worked in a grain elevator south dakota
chris's sister Karene
acted as a grandfather to chris franz
paid chris to work at his grain elevator wayne westerberg
who chris wrote is into the wild note to wayne westerberg
journal mccandless kept in mexico written in third person
convinced police that hiker had worked for him westerberg
Chris McCandless Emory grad; known as Alex Supertramp; Died in the Alaskan wilderness
Jim Gallien electrician; drives "Alex" to Denali; last person to see McCandless alive
Ken Thompson owner of an Anchorage body shop; found McCandless body along with others during a hunting trip
Wayne Westerburg owner of a grain elevator in Carthage, South Dakota; offered McCandless jobs on several occasions; was arrested for making illegal black boxes
Walt McCandless Chris McCandless' father; prominent aerospace engineer at NASA; raised family in Ananndale, VA; has an affair with ex-wife (Marcia) during current marriage (Billie)
Billie McCandless Chris McCandless' mother; actual name is Wilhelmina
Carine McCandless Chris McCandless' younger sister; Chris and Carine were close siblings
Bud Walsh National Park Service ranger; discovered McCandless' abandoned Datsun in the Mojave Desert
Bob and Jan Burres Middle aged couple; travel around the west to sell knick-knacks in flea markets; met McCandless in Orick, CA; re-encountered McCandless in Niland Slabs
Peter Kalitka private investigator of Walt and Billie McCandless; tries to locate the whereabouts of Chris McCandless; could only learn Chris donated his money to OXFAM
Lori Zarza 2nd assistant manager at McDonalds; encouraged Chris to have better hygiene
Charlie old man who gave McCandless a mobile home to live in during his stay in Bullhead City
Tracy annoying 17 year old in Niland Slabs who likes Chris; Chris thought she was too young
Ronald Franz eighty year old veteran who lives in Salton City; gave McCandless a ride into town; was a fatherly figure; offers to adopt McCandless
Gail Borah Wayne Westerburg's on and off girlfriend; became a close friend of McCandless
Gene Rosellini man from a wealthy family; lived as a primitive man for over a decade; concluded his experiment failed and committed suicide
John Mallon Waterman talented young climber from DC; went on a trip to Denali and was never heard again
Carl McCunn 35 year old photographer; planned to stay in the wilderness for 5 months; forgot to arrange for a pick up and eventually committed suicide after his supplies ran out
Everett Ruess 20 year old in the early 1900s; similar to McCandless; disappeared in Utah, where he carved "NEMO 1934"
Sam McCandless Chris McCandless' half brother; found out Chris' death 1st; drove to Maryland to tell the parents
Marcia McCandless Walt's 1st wife; continued an affair with Walt even during his marriage to Billie
Jon Krakauer author of Into the Wild; has somewhat similar lives to McCandless; both has issues with fatherly relationships
Loren Johnson McCandless' maternal grandfather; was somewhat an outcast like McCandless; both were close
Kris Maxie Gilmer close friend of Chris; member of cross country team
Stampede Trail route Chris McCandless followed in the Alaskan Wilderness. Dropped off by Westerberg here. 50 mile stretch between Mt. McKinley and Mt. Healy
Niland Slabs An abandoned Naval Air Base used as a "summer home" by up to 5,000 itinerant travellers.
Salton Sea California's largest lake
227 feet below sea level
Only 6% from natural streams
The rest being from agricultural runoff and municipal wastewater from the Imperial, Coachella, and Mexicali Valleys.
Lake Mead a large reservoir in southeastern Nevada and northwestern Arizona that is formed by the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River
Boris Pasternak Russian poet and author. Best known for his monumental novel about Russia entitled "Doctor Zhivago"
Leo Tolstoy russian realist - admired studied by chris
Jack London a naturalist who achieved a degree of popular success with his adventure stories The Call of the Wild (1903)
Henry David Thoreau American transcendentalist who was against a government that supported slavery. He wrote down his beliefs in Walden. He started the movement of civil-disobedience when he refused to pay the toll-tax to support him Mexican War.
Where does the novel take place? Chris McCandless travelled throughout the United States including South Dakota, California, Colorado, Arizona, Mexico, Virginia and most importantly, Alaska during the 1980s-90s.
Wayne Westerberg Farmer in South Dakota that befriended Chris in his early travelling years. Because Chris worked for him, Wayne was able to identify Chris when he was dead with his social security number.
Jim Gallien Truck driver in Alaska that gave Chris a lift to his final resting place. This man was very concerned that Chris would not survive his brush with nature and so he gave Chris his boots and lunch.
Jan Burres Nomad with her boyfriend Bob, she was a good friend of Chris' and mothered him as much as she could. They kept in touch via postcards.
Ron Frantz Elderly man that met Chris while giving the boy a ride to a common shanty town. The two became extremely close and spent a few months living together. He instructed Chris in the art of leather-making. This man was terribly upset when Chris left him.
Gene Rosellini First comparison to McCandless. Experimented to see if it was possible to live completely dependent from modern technology. Committed suicide after 30 years of this lifestyle.
John Waterman Second comparison to McCandless. Excellent climber that went a little crazy and completed a suicide mission by climbing Mount Denali with little gear.
Carl McCunn Third comparison to McCandless. Texan that moved to Fairbanks in the seventies. Went to Alaska to take wildlife pictures for a summer, but did not arrange for returning transportation and died in the wilderness. Spacey guy.
Everett Ruess Wilderness explorer likened to McCandless. Born in 1934. Unknown cause of his death. Adopted the moniker "Nemo".
What was the last day Chris McCandless was seen alive? April 28th, 1992
Where did Chris first travel? The Lake Mead National Recreation Center
Why did Chris leave Crazy Ernie's? He realized he would not be paid
After receiving a ticket of Chris', what did his parents do? Billie and Walt hired a private investigator who only found that Chris had donated all his money to OXFAM America.
What did Chris do in Mexico? He attempted to kayak through the canals, then spent a night in prison for his lack of ID. He had to capitulate his revolver.
What did Chris do in Bullhead City, Arizona? Chris worked at McDonald's. He had a bank account and used his real name, however, he did not bathe or wear socks and remained distant from his fellow employees.
With whom did Chris live with in Bullhead City? A man named Charlie who squatted in trailers.
After Bullhead City, where and with whom did Chris live? Chris moved to "the Slabs" with Jan and Bob
To where did Chris travel after his time with Jan? Chris next met Ron Frantz while he was traveling to Oh-My-God Hotsprings.
After his stay with Ron, where did Chris travel? Chris returned to South Dakota and his friend Wayne Westerberg and his girlfriend Gail Borah.
What did Jan, Gail, and Carine all conclude about Chris? The three women came to an agreement stating that Chris had abstained from sexual relations and also that although he mostly kept to himself, Chris was very amiable in a crowd.
What did Chris plan on doing after his Alaskan adventure? He wanted to settle down and live his idealistic life while penning a book about his travels.
What is one common theme throughout the analysis of the explorers? Each had difficult relationships with his father. Chris was upset with his father because of a family secret - Walt had continued his dalliance with Marcia after he had left with Billie and even fathered another child after Chris was born.
What foods did Chris survive on in the Alaskan wilderness? Berries, rose hips, squirrel, grouse, duck, goose, porcupine, and moose.
What are the theories of why/how Chris died? Some believe he ate potato seeds, which are mildly poisonous. Others say he confused the two plants the wild sweet pea and the wild potato. The author believes that Chris began eating the potato roots which were poisonous enough to make him starve.
By what means of transportation did Billie and Walt visit Chris' death site? Helicopter
How old was Chris when Jim Gallien picked him up? 24
Created by: honiczak
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