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honiczak into wild

honiczak into wild characters

Chris McCandless Emory grad; known as Alex Supertramp; Died in the Alaskan wilderness
Wayne Westerburg owner of a grain elevator in Carthage, South Dakota; offered McCandless jobs on several occasions; was arrested for making illegal black boxes
Walt McCandless Chris McCandless' father; prominent aerospace engineer at NASA; raised family in Ananndale, VA; has an affair with ex-wife (Marcia) during current marriage (Billie)
Billie McCandless Chris McCandless' mother; actual name is Wilhelmina
Carine McCandless Chris McCandless' younger sister; Chris and Carine were close siblings
Bud Walsh National Park Service ranger; discovered McCandless' abandoned Datsun in the Mojave Desert
Bob and Jan Burres Middle aged couple; travel around the west to sell knick-knacks in flea markets; met McCandless in Orick, CA; re-encountered McCandless in Niland Slabs
Peter Kalitka private investigator of Walt and Billie McCandless; tries to locate the whereabouts of Chris McCandless; could only learn Chris donated his money to OXFAM
George Dreeszen talkative assistant manager at McDonalds (where Chris worked temporarily) in Bullhead City
Charlie old man who gave McCandless a mobile home to live in during his stay in Bullhead City
Tracy annoying 17 year old in Niland Slabs who likes Chris; Chris thought she was too young
Ronald Franz eighty year old veteran who lives in Salton City; gave McCandless a ride into town; was a fatherly figure; offers to adopt McCandless
Mary Westerburg Wayne Westerburg's mother; enjoyed talking to McCandless; was affected by his death
Gene Rosellini man from a wealthy family; lived as a primitive man for over a decade; concluded his experiment failed and committed suicide
John Mallon Waterman talented young climber from DC; went on a trip to Denali and was never heard again
Carl McCunn 35 year old photographer; planned to stay in the wilderness for 5 months; forgot to arrange for a pick up and eventually committed suicide after his supplies ran out
Everett Ruess 20 year old in the early 1900s; similar to McCandless; disappeared in Utah, where he carved "NEMO 1934"
Sam McCandless Chris McCandless' half brother; found out Chris' death 1st; drove to Maryland to tell the parents
Marcia McCandless Walt's 1st wife; continued an affair with Walt even during his marriage to Billie
Jon Krakauer author of Into the Wild; has somewhat similar lives to McCandless; both has issues with fatherly relationships
Loren Johnson McCandless' maternal grandmother; was somewhat an outcast like McCandless; both were close
Gordy Cucullu younger member of McCandless' high school cross-country team
Eric Hathaway friend of McCandless in high school; was on the cross country team
Kris Maxie Gilmer close friend of Chris; member of cross country team
Chris Fish Carine McCandless' husband and partner of their auto-repair business
Kai Sandburn cheerful, outgoing woman who accompanies Krahauer's climb on the Devil's Thumb
Lewis Krakauer Jon Krakauer's father; wanted Jon to become a doctor; became mentally ill after consuming multiple medical drugs for pain
Gaylord Stuckey 63 year old; Met McCandless in the Laird Rive Hotsprings; drove him to Fairbanks
Roman Dial Krakauer's companion to visit McCandless' bus
Sir John Franklin 19th century British naval officer; led ~140 men to their deaths on Arctic expeditions
Buckley McCandless' dog; shetland dog
Created by: honiczak



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