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Le Cinema Test Vocab

s'inspirer to inspire
s'intituler to be called
peau skin
connerie stupidity
la guerre froid the cold war
se méfier to distrust
rétablir re-establish
osciller to swing/sway
pastiche an artistic work or style that imitates another
hommage tribute
adule hero-worship
poursuite pursuit
maître-chanteur black-mailer
renfiler to slip on
désuet old fashioned/out dated
déplorer to lament
craintes fears
céder aux sirènes yield to the calls/sirenes
émission show
polémique argument/controversy
baisser to lower
tenir à cœur pull at the heart
lucide clear-headed/realistic
donner la replique play opposite
s'emballer to excite/thrill
garder les pieds sur terre to be grounded
tchèque czech
carton success (familiar)
vague wave
charrue cart/plough
souci worry
exigences demands
écorner ruin
Created by: kdona69