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Night Vocabulary 3

Vocabulary from Noval night

1. bestial: Like a beast, cruel and savage
2. harangued : scolded , especially in a noisy and bullying way
3. compulsory : required, that which must be done
4. implored begged, pleaded sincerely
5. interminable: endless or seeming to be endless
6. inconsiderable: unimportant, small
7. dysentery intestinal inflammation causing abdominal pain and severe diarrhea; often fatal if left untreated in the very young or old; or in those who are weakened by hunger or other disease
8. annihilate: destroyed completely; exterminate
9. summarily promptly and without formality
10. knell the sound of a bell, especially of a bell rung slowly at a funeral; often used metaphorically to mean a bad omen
11. indeterminate indefinite vague, subtle
12. stupefied ; stunned, amazed
13. apathy lack of interest or emotion, indifference
14. vigilance : the state of watchfulness, alertness, especially to danger
15. inert : motionless; lacking the ability to move or act
16. premonition a feeling that something is about to happen ,especially something bad
17. unremittingly constantly without interruption
18. appeasing satisfying ; relieveing



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