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Review Resource for Exam1

location of a web domain name in a computer on the Internet website
transmitting data from a local computer to a remote computer upload
domain code which is a 3-letter extension to describe the domain type top level domain
type of phone line used for Internet connectivity which can be very expensive T1 line
deceptive software that is sneakily installed on a computer via the web spyware
unsolicited e-mail via advertisements or chain letters spam
communication rules to exchange information protocol
also known as adware and it is spyware that tracks web surfing or onlien buying pop up generators
a program that adds a specific feature to a browser so that it plays or views certain files plug in
security feature that allows users access to a server, site, network, document, etc. password
Internet search tool that allows searching of multiple search engines simultaneously metasearch engine
still images in rapid sequence that create the appearance of motion and/or movement animation
small programs which can be quickly uploaded and are run by most Internet browsers applets
a separate electronic file that can be sent by e-mail attachment
an expression of how much data (text, voice, video, etc.) can be sent through a communication channel in a given amount of time bandwidth
acronym that stands for bits per second; it takes bits to send one character bps
an abbreviation for web log and it is an Internet journal blog
space station that transmits radio waves known as microwaves from earth-based stations communications satellite
transmitting data from a remote computer to a local computer download
acronym that stands for file transfer protocol that describes the method of connecting to a remote computer to transfer publicly available files using TCP/IP FTP
abbreviation for hypertext markup language which is the set of instructions or programming language used to create the web document structure HTML
this connects one web document or web page with related information hypertext link
stores collections of data and programs server
priced from $1 million to more than $1 billion and is a high-capactiy machine with thousands of processors super computer
the provision of medical care by telecommunications telemedicine
expensive and powerful machine that is smaller than a mainframe and used for complex scientific, mathematical and engineering calculations workstation
allows users to perform specific tasks for problem-solving, work and entertainment application software
storage device that reads data from optical disks using laser technology compact disk drive
knowing the capability of computers; knowing what computers can and cannot do computer savvy
electronic mail where messages are sent over a computer network like the Internet email
part of the motherboard that expands a PC's capabilities expansion slot
data that has been summarized or edited or manipulated for decision-making purposes information
an input device that converts characters into electrical signals that are read by a processor keyboard
water or air-cooled equipment that ranges in size from small to medium to large and are used in large businesses mainframe computer
fits next to a desk, on a desktop and/or can be carried around; also know as a PC that is used by individuals and businesses and can be connected to networks microcomputer
also know as an embedded computer which are tiny, specialized microprocessor inside applicances and vehicles, in microwaves, programmable ovens, blood-pressure monitors, MP3 players and other devices microcontroller
communications hardware that can be either internal or external modem
also called the system board and it is the computer's main circuit board motherboard
communications system that connects 2 or more computers; the largest one is the Internet network
also called a laptop and it is portable and lightweight with built-in devices notebook computer
component or equipment that expands a computer's input, storage and output capabilities; two examples are a scanner and a printer peripheral
what users "put into" a computer system; can be numerous types of data such as numbers, symbols and letters input
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