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What name is used to refer to William Shakespeare? The Bard
When and where was Shakespeare born? April 23, 1564 in Stratford
Who ruled England during a time of rebirth and pride in both the English langue and in the nation? Queen Elizabeth I
What did Shakespeare study in school? Latin
How was Shakespeare first introduced to the theater? When he saw the traveling play for the first time
Why did Shakespeare not attend a university? He couldn't afford it
What was the term given to the years between the ages of 14 and 18? The Lost Years
How old was Shakespeare when he married? 18
Who did Shakespeare marry and presumably way? Anne Hathaway because she pregnant with his kid
IN 1592 where is Shakespeare living and what is his profession? London, he was an actor and writing plays
How was Shakespeare viewed by some of his contemporaries and in some literary circles? They didn't like him, they thought he was full of himself
Who was Shakespeare's patron or benefactor? King James I
When would Shakespeare write? Practice? Perform? Write- at night Practice- in the morning Perform- During the afternoon
What personal tragedy greatly affected his writing? The death of his only son Hamnet from the plague
What caused the Globe Theater to move across the river? London didn't want theaters anymore because they were bring trouble to the town
The success of Shakespeare's plays was depended upon his use of_____1______ & the audiences's______2_______. 1- Words 2- Imagination
In 1603, with the rule of King James I, Shakespeare ad his players, previously known as Lord Chamberlain's Men, were now called ____1___________. 1- The Kings Men
What are the 3 divisions of Shakespeare's plays ? 1- Tragedy 2- Comedy 3- History
When did Shakespeare die? April 23, 1616 on his birth day
What was the name of the theater where Shakespeare performed his plays? The Globe Theater
How many people could fit into the theater? between 2,500 and 3,000
how many levels (stories) high was the stage? 2 levels
What did people eat during performances? Hazelnuts and Elizabeth Popcorn
What were the stage setting like and how did actors help with the setting? the stage extended into the pit and the actor used their lines to help with the setting because there was no scenery
Who played the women's roles, was this odd? young boys and not for that time period it was normal for them
What is notable about Shakespeare's mother? she was nobility
How long did Shakespeare attend school? between 7-13 years of age
What did his schooling focus on? Writing and grammar
How many plays did he write? 37 Plays
What year was shakespeare born, when did he die. What was the date of both. Born on April 23, 1564 and died on April 23, 1616
Romeo & Juliet was firt perfomed in what year? 1595
What made the fight senes realistic? They were real swordmen
How many acts are in Romeo & Juliet how is that similar to Shakespeare's other plays? 5 acts they follow the plot diagram
In which rhyme scheme is this play written? tragedy
What type of character wouldnt speak in this type of rhyme scheme? The servant
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