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Rutiri-Word Process

Basics and the Internet

The ___________ is an icon you click to choose a command, which gives the program instructions about what you want to do. Button
The _______ _______ appears on the Ribbon only when you select certain items in a file, and contains commands related to that item. Contextual Tab
The _______ _______ is an interactive message window that appears when more information is required before the command can be performed. Dialog Box
A _______ _______ is a series of letters Office adds to the end of a file name that identifies in which program that file was created. File extension
The ___________ is a list of options available for command. Gallery
A ___________is the organization for related commands on a tab of the Ribbon. Group
The _______ _______ is the first page that opens when you start your browser. Home page
An __________is a small graphic image that represents a file, folder, program, or program shortcut. Icon
The _______ _______ shows where text will appear when you begin typing. Insertion point
The __________ is the largest network in the world connecting millions of computers worldwide. Internet
A ________ is a text, cell, or an object that when clicked “jumps to” another location. Link
A _______ _______ is the office 2007 feature that lets you point to the various choices in a gallery or palette and see the results before applying. Live Preview
The ________ has a list of related commands. Menu
It is a collection of software programs. MS Office 2007
The _______ _______ is a floating toolbar that appears in the work area after you drag the pointer over the text while holding down the left mouse button. Mini Toolbar
The _______ _______ contains commands for working with files, including commands for opening, saving, printing, and creating new files. Office Button
The _______ _______ is a rectangle that contains the open program, tools for working with the file, and the work area. Program Window
The _________ _________ toolbar provides access to commonly used commands. Quick Access Toolbar
The _________ contains tabs from which you can choose a variety of commands. The ribbon
The _______ _______ is a box that appears when you point to a button; contains the button’s name and a description of its function as well as a link to more information and a keyboard shortcut if available. Screen Tip
The _______ _______ shifts other areas of the file into the work area. Scroll Bar
The _______ _______ is a menu that appears when you right-click something in the program window; contains a list of commands you are most likely to use with the item or text you right-clicked. Shortcut Menu
The _______ _______ changes the size of the program window and exits the program. Sizing Button
The _______ _______ provides information about the current file and process. Status bar
The ________ is a section of the Ribbon that contains related commands. Tab
The _______ _______ is a window along the left side of the program window that contains options and commands. Task pane
The _______ _______ shows the names of the program and the current file. Title bar
The ___________ is an area in a window that contains buttons used to execute a function or open a command menu. Toolbar
A _______ is a uniform resource locators that is an address that gives you access to websites. URL
A _______ _______ is special software used to view web pages. Web browser
The _______ _______ displays the file you are working on. Work area
The world wide web is a system of computers that share information by means of links on Web pages. WWW
What are the four of the programs that are included in Office 2007? Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint are included.
How do you start an Office program? Go to the start button on your desktop. Then select the icon associated with that specific program.
What is the location and the function of the following: title bar, and Ribbon? The title bar is at the top and has the name of the program and file that you are currently viewing. The Ribbon is under the title bar and has the list of actions. The tabs allow you to use various commands for different actions.
What is the location and the function of the following: status bar? The status bar at the bottom provides information about the current file and process such as the amount of pages and words.
What is the difference between Save and Save As command? The save command allows you to save your current progress, but save as allows you to control where it is saved and what the files name is.
Describe two ways to get help in an Office program. Press F1 or select the screen tips.
The _____, or typeface, defines the appearance and shape of letters, numbers, and special characters. Font
___________are words or phrases that describe a document. Keywords
To delete a character in a document, click next to the character and then press the ____ key to erase to the left of the insertion point. Backspace
What is the command to move to the end of a document? CTRL + END
A printed version of the document is called a hard copy or printout. Hard copy
____________ text is a slanted appearance. Italics
The home tab, called the primary tab, contains the more frequently used commands. True
Wordwrap forces you to stop typing words and press the ENTER key at the end of each line. False
Created by: eva_rutiri